Sexy Halloween costumes: Too much or not enough?

Dressing up for Halloween should be at the person’s discretion.





                Olivia Inglin



Halloween has long been known as a time for self-expression in the form of dressing up. Some choose to embrace the scarier side of the holiday, full of nightmares and gore, but others tend toward a flirtier and more fun avenue.

When it comes to the lighter side of Halloween, there is some question on what is considered appropriate and what is not. This is especially true concerning what the younger generation of females ages 17-25 wear today. Often there is complaint that they show too much, or present themselves in an inappropriate manner

While dressing in an appropriate manner regularly is common sense, Halloween is not a regular day.

As tradition, it’s a day to pretend to be someone other than yourself, whether it be a superhero, witch or a slightly risqué nurse. Being able to have the freedom to express in such a manner is a privilege of sorts.

Now this is not to say that the best way to represent our freedoms and rights is to dress in a trashy outfit, but Halloween is a time when people choose to let loose. If only once a year, there is no reason to not enjoy the day by making memories and continuing traditions.

In addition, the less-is-more attitudes for costumes of today are the new tradition. It’s not a scandal to dress in such a fashion if it’s widely known and supported. Doing so only fits in with today’s modern culture. Individuality is something most people today strive for.

While dressing in the stereotypical scandalous costume doesn’t scream new idea, it does make a person stand out in a way even if only to herself.

On Halloween, there are no rules as to what is appropriate. A costume can be whatever the individual wants it to be, so if someone chooses to express himself or herself in a more suggestive manner to fit today’s culture, it only makes sense.

In the end, being dressed in risqué costumes once a year is a fun tradition that is accepted today and should be recognized as part of our culture.


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Sexy Halloween costumes: Too much or not enough?

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