Sexy Halloween costumes: Too much or not enough?

Are the costumes you wear revealing too much skin?




                 Megan Lucero



Halloween is the time of year to carve pumpkins, fill up on candy and dress up as anything you want. But how far is too far when it comes to Halloween costumes? Or, should I say, how little is too little? Young adults in the 21st century are getting dolled up in sexy attire for the festive, candy-obsessed holiday.

However, shouldn’t we take the more conservative route? I’m not saying dress up as a nun, and no, I don’t mean sexy nun. I’m saying that young women and all women alike can be degrading their bodies by wearing next-to-nothing just to catch the eye of others. However, people get to make their own decisions, and everyone has their own version of what’s morally acceptable.

Regardless, skimpy Halloween costumes are thriving in the retail business and are not likely to stop selling anytime soon. Recently, Walmart stores had to pull a naughty leopard Halloween costume made for toddlers. This raised questions to what’s becoming of society and how children are being raised in a world where sex sells.

Wearing provocative costumes doesn’t mean women are automatically degrading themselves. What some people might not understand is you can still wear a conservative, yet sexy Halloween costume. Women don’t have to wear costumes that show less than a bra and underwear and stand in lines ready to purchase a sexy Miley Cyrus, MTV Award show-inspired costume. The media doesn’t have to be the one to tell women what’s considered attractive or sexy.

Halloween was once a holiday brought up by Catholic traditions in the Middle Ages. It has turned into, “Who can be the sexiest police officer?” Do we draw the line based on sexy government force inspired costumes, which give a whole new look to authority figures, or do we draw the line at naughty toddler costumes?

Honestly, I don’t believe anyone can truly find just one single answer to the question. What we can keep in mind is that a woman doesn’t have to walk out in her birthday suit in order to be considered sexy; even for a fun day like Halloween.

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Sexy Halloween costumes: Too much or not enough?

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