Setting sail spiritually with the Anchor Club

Introducing the Anchor Club



Joe Dennis

Senior Reporter


The idea was to create a club where students would have a spiritual foundation to come to, God, while also remaining open to anyone willing to join. Through many meetings at Anthem Coffee and Tea in Puyallup during this summer, Pierce student and Anchor Club member Carolina Laktionov thought of the concept of the Anchor Club. The anchor is based on Hebrew 6:19 in which the spiritual foundation anchoring mankind is God.

Anchor Club president Victoria Cardenas is determined to bring in more club members into the club while focusing on reaching students with biblically-based beliefs. The Anchor club currently is made up of five members, but Cardenas is expecting that number to grow during the November meetings. Becoming a member of the Anchor Club is easy; simply attend the meetings.

“We know how life has its ups and downs, and how often times it can feel like a mess, and we wanted Anchor Club to be a place that one could come and feel like they have a solid foundation,” Cardenas said. “This foundation we talk about is God, who holds our life together, and that is what we are presenting, a hope for everybody and anybody. Our goal is just that to present a hope that can fill our lives every day.”

Cardenas’s personal goal is to help members find hope in their lives by discussing the daily challenges of life and how people can help improve the quality of living on Earth. Encouraging a nonjudgmental atmosphere, Cardenas also said that any preconceived notions of pressures or stress are a non-issue in the Anchor Club.

Some of the benefits of being a member include the ability to learn more about personal faith. Not only will members have more knowledge of their faith, but being able to have a foundation to their beliefs in a stress-free zone.

“Coming to this club will only add strength to your life if anything,” Cardenas said. “I think that is awesome. Those are ways that this club benefits you, but our goal is to also get involved in our communities, and presenting hope to people outside of our club which not only benefits us but also those around us.”

The Anchor Club will meet twice this quarter on Nov. 13 and 20 in room 141 of the Administration Building. Also, an Anchor Club Christmas party is planned for December; however, no date has been set yet. Cardenas is expecting on celebrating the Christmas spirit with others at Pierce before the end of the quarter.

In Cardenas’ view, the Anchor Club with help sort out any spiritual myths or questions those who join may have while also helping member grow spiritually. Meaning, not only do individuals gain knowledge of faith, but also growing and finding purpose in God. Helping, rather than forcing, people experience this faith for themselves. Sunny Young-Albin, part-time Pierce adult fitness instructor and Anchor Club adviser, says she feels blessed and fortunate being part of the club.

“Our world is troubled, but together we can make it a better place,” Young said. “The Anchor Club embraces and reminds us of God’s message. Taking from 1 Corinthians 13: ‘Three things last forever. Faith, hope and love…and the greatest of these is love.’ The Anchor Club’s message is so heartfelt and I am very inspired by their passion.”

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Setting sail spiritually with the Anchor Club

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