Selena Gomez: Rare album review

Alexis Garcia

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Four years after the release of her album Revival, Selena Gomez starts off 2020 by coming out with Rare, a new album celebrating self-love and reflections of her past. In the last four years, Gomez has publicly dealt with high-profile breakups, anxiety, depression and a kidney transplant.

The transplant was due to her chronic disease, lupus, which she’s been vocal about. Rare addresses each of those subjects respectively, in an array of songs where, surprisingly, the majority feature upbeat tempos and catchy lyrics. This is taking a spin on traditional catchy pop songs that might not have such deep meanings. During the chorus of the first song, Rare, Gomez belts

“I don’t have it all, I’m not claiming to, but I know that I’m special.”

After listening to the full album, this line, in particular, stuck out from the rest and seems to sum up the rest of the songs. It seems as if Gomez knows her weaknesses and owns up to all the hard times in her life, but is done apologizing and is instead focusing on embracing everything about herself that makes her unique.

There are many dance-infused sounding songs after the opening track, like and Look at Her Now. Both are about self-recovery and being in a better place in life. A contrast to her last album, Gomez breaks away from ballads for the most part and instead gears her music toward pop beats, even when she’s singing about deeper subjects.

This is especially prominent in the second to last song on the album, Cut You Off, in which Gomez sings about having to break away from a person in her life that is unhealthy for her and holding her back from reaching her full potential.

“So I gotta get you out my head now, I just cut you off,” she sings repeatedly in the chorus.

The songs are all listed in a way that gives a great introduction and conclusion to Gomez’s life these past years and how she’s ready to enter the public eye again, now stronger and healthier.

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Alexis Garcia

Selena Gomez: Rare album review

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