Seattle living costs face dramatic increase

Seattle is one of the most well-known cities in Washington State. But if planning to live in Seattle, be prepared to pay more than usual.

According to the Seattle Times, the cost of living in Seattle has increased dramatically over the years, making it the sixth most expensive place to live in the U.S.

The expenses of living in Seattle have increased more than 53 percent above the national average, Seattle living costs are likened to cities in California and parts of the East Coast like New York, which have a reputation to have expensive “luxury” living costs, according to the Seattle Times.

Housing costs alone have climbed, increasing from 35 percent above average in 2012 to 113 percent by 2019. The Seattle Times says that while Seattle residents worry of becoming the next San Francisco or New York, those cities now fear becoming the next Seattle.

This increase of living costs in Seattle has been noticed by The Cost of Living Index, an organization which provides statistical data for the expenses of living in certain cities around the United States.

Out of the 267 cities rated in the comparison survey for cost of living, Seattle consistently ranked in the top 15 for all six categories.

For personal care services, such as haircuts or dry cleaning, Seattle ranks second with such costs at 36.5 percent above the national average.

For transportation services, including tire repairs and gas, Seattle ranked at fourth, with costs at 37.6 percent above average.

Seattle ranked seventh for grocery items, still at 23.8 percent about average.

Healthcare for the city is nearly 24 percent about average, ranking as eighth, according to the survey.

For utilities, Seattle came in at twelth, 28 percent above the national average.

Perhaps surprising, Seattle ranked its lowest in the housing category, coming in at fourteenth. Despite this, Seattle housing costs are listed at 106.6 percent above the national average.

While thousands live and work in Seattle each day, there are also thousands of students attending universities in the city, like the University of Washington, and in the greater Puget Sound. For those looking to transfer to a school in the Seattle area, full understanding of living costs may prove imperative for financial stability.

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Seattle living costs face dramatic increase

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