Student Life office plans trip to Seaside again this year

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The annual Seaside, Ore., Pierce College Puyallup trip made another appearance May 6-8.

Recreation and Entertainment Coordinator Jesse Hamelin and Wellness and Outdoor Coordinator Kylie Ada planned every aspect of this trip, based on information from last year’s student leaders.

“(It) was a big success so we don’t really want to change anything,” Hamelin said about last year’s Seaside trip.

This is the third year the Office of Student Life at the Puyallup campus has offered a Seaside trip. Director of Student Life Sean Cooke said it’s not officially an annual activity, but students continue to ask for it.

“Based on the success of the initial one, people keep planning that event,” Cooke said. “I think students really love it and there’s a lot of engagement and connection between students on that trip.”

This year’s trip was over Mother’s Day weekend and included 41 students, three drivers, Ada and Hamelin. Sign-up sheets were available in the OSL and the trip was filled within a few weeks.

“I just want to get out of my comfort zone, meet more people and experience life more than I have,” student Arianna Dalrymple said.

Planning for this trip was stressful and continued until the last day, Hamelin said. He and Ada had to prepare all the contracts a month before the funding was approved. The hotel had raised their prices and the transportation cost was more than expected, so more funding was needed, and initially denied. Hamelin and Ada decided to use some of the activity budget to make this trip a reality for the students who had signed up.

Students stayed at the Shilo Inn with nice ocean side views, Ada said. Students were able to request a roommate as two people were assigned to a room. If no request was turned in, the student was paired with another student at random.

“I just want to meet new people and I think it’ll be really fun to hang out with my friend,” Student Kealey Matyasovsky said. “Plus we’re in high school still, so it’s really nice to get away.”

For students, this trip cost $18. This included transportation costs as well as a room with two queen beds, balcony and full kitchen. The only thing not included was the price of food. The planned events included a bonfire on the beach, which Hamelin calls a “bondfire,” and beach cleanup through a volunteer organization called SOLVE. Ada also planned a nature walk and a possible excursion to Cannon Beach. The rest of the trip was free time.

“My favorite part of the Seaside trip was hanging out with new friends at like five in the morning on the beach and just talking about life,” Student Advocacy Senator Perry Doidge said of last year’s trip.

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Student Life office plans trip to Seaside again this year

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