The new face behind the OSL’s social networking

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A vacant position in the Office of Student Life was filled this quarter when Michael Schwartz replaced Scott Pellegrini as public relations senator.

Schwartz isn’t new to the OSL. He’d previously worked as the legislative senator for student government last year and also worked the front desk for two years.

“When I first started here I was just a work study,” Schwartz said. “I worked (at the) front desk and basically just answered phones (and) helped students make student IDs, copies, faxes (and) just answered general questions.”

In previous years Schwartz helped with the student rally at the state capitol in Olympia, where over 100 students rallied for student causes.

Schwartz was also involved in getting Pierce College Puyallup’s charging stations in place and securing funding for the water hydration stations that allow students to refill their water bottles around campus.

“I love going around and seeing people using their charging stations and everything like that while they’re waiting for their classes,” Schwartz said. “It’s just a really awesome feeling knowing that you helped somebody out that day.”

Schwartz said that because of his previous experience with the OSL he’s prepared for his new position and ready to help students.

“I really became familiar with the campus: who the different people are in the offices, what offices can help with that and I think as a public relations person that really helps because people ask questions like, ‘Hey, where can I do this?’” Schwartz said. “I’m fully capable of answering that question having worked here now for three years.”

As public relations senator, Schwartz is responsible for connecting with students on the Puyallup campus and answering student questions. Schwartz also uses the OSL social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, to connect with students and share information about campus events.

“If you ask questions on social media and to our Facebook page and (it’s) me who will be responding to your questions,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz said that learning to run a social media account was a different experience for him because he isn’t as familiar with it as many younger students are.

“I’m a little older than many students, so I saw social media kind of be introduced and I’m still not as good as maybe some of the younger people,” Schwartz said. “It’s a nice learning curve for me, learning all the hashtags and whatever.”

Schwartz’s goal is to to help leave Pierce College a better place than when he started working here and to get more students involved with activities and events.

“We want to hear from students, Schwartz said. “We want them to start clubs. We want them to come to these events. We want them to tell us what events they want to see, if there’s something they liked, something they didn’t like. We want to hear from them because we’re here to work for them.”

Schwartz can be found in room C210 in the College Center and can also be reached at

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The new face behind the OSL’s social networking

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