School has closed, now what?

School closures and what you should do.



Katie Hammermaster


Students face many challenges every quarter at Pierce. Balancing classes and homework can already be difficult, and dealing with winter weather can be an additional setback.

School closures occur when student and employee health and safety are threatened by attendance. Inclement weather and widespread illnesses such as the H1N1 flu are common causes of multiple-day closures.

Alerting students of school closures is important, as is making students aware of how to access the information about closures.

Pierce College Puyallup President Marty Cavalluzzi said closure notices are publicized by 5:30 a.m. by faculty. School closures are announced by several TV and radio stations.

“We look at the school districts, and see what they’re doing. We look at all the forecasts,” Cavalluzzi said.

To find out if the campus is closed, students can call (253) 840-8400 to hear a recorded message.

Students can also sign up for text and email updates from the Public Schools Emergency Communications System at To subscribe for alerts, requires an email to make an account. After an account has been made, subscriptions can be managed through the website.

The information received through text can also be accessed at

The process for closing the school starts with the 24-hour security guards who monitor Pierce. If hazardous weather conditions are observed, security guards alert Jim Taylor, director of facilities and construction manager, at 4 a.m.

Taylor contacts other school officials, and after a decision is reached, it’s published.

Despite school closures, most professors expect students to follow the syllabus and complete homework as much as possible. The eCampus/Canvas website allows students to submit homework assignments, even when the campus is closed.

Most instructors’ policies can be found on their syllabus.

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School has closed, now what?

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