Scholarships awarded to Pierce students

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In November, the Pierce College Scholarship Foundation gifted 50 students with various different kinds of scholarships. Many of these students received scholarships for different academic paths.

Among the 50 scholarships given, there were nursing scholarships, early childhood education scholarships, vet technician scholarships and also STEM student scholarships. These scholarships were for $1,500, split into $750 per quarter.

“There were donors that gave the money for the scholarships for students,” Assistant Director of Development Ruth Ann Hatchett said.

The only requirements that were needed to apply for these scholarships were a 3.0 GPA and to be registered in a minimum of 10 credits at the college.

Although the students were informed, they received a scholarship over a phone call and email, there will be a luncheon in the spring for the recipients and donors to be honored.

“We always honor the donor to where their money goes,” Hatchett said.

There is also an annual scholarship called the Pierce Foundation Scholarship given that covers tuition and books for an entire year. $750 is allotted each quarter as well.

This year, student Celena Lewis received the Pierce Foundation Scholarship. She is majoring in digital design. She hopes to transfer to Washington State University in the future to study neuroscience.

“The money helped out a lot,” Lewis said.

Originally, Lewis had a plan designated for her future education and receiving financial aid. However, through a series of events, it appeared Lewis may not receive it.

“The day I thought I didn’t get financial aid, I got a call about getting the scholarship,” Lewis said.

Lewis’ application went beyond her academics. She also serves on the Office of Student Life team and a part of the Students of Color team. She was also involved in the Emerging Leaders Academy.

“(I received the scholarship) because I had experience in putting myself through school by myself and how I started at Pierce and the obstacles I’ve faced getting there,” Lewis said.

Lewis is one example of the many students who received a scholarship from the foundation.

The foundation does realize that $750 a quarter is usually not enough for an entire quarter. They had previously battled the idea whether they should distribute more money to less people or less money to more people.

“They eventually decided to give less money to more people,” Hatchett said.

The foundation looks forward to distributing more scholarships in the future and contributing to the success of students at Pierce.

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Scholarships awarded to Pierce students

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