Gaining financial knowledge with a grain of SALT

An update on the SALT financial aid service.

Suzanne Buchholz, Senior Reporter

SALT, an online program meant to help students learn how to manage finances, was announced to be a part of the Pierce College Financial Aid program in fall 2015, with a launch date of winter 2016. Students who may have heard about the program might wonder if it’s currently in use, while others who haven’t learned about the program may be curious about what it entails.

SALT gives students resources ranging from lessons to blogs and videos on topics relating to money management. After creating a free account, they’ll be able to access modules on topics such as living within one’s means, avoiding debt build-up and using a credit card. These aspects made it a good fit for the standards at Pierce, Financial Aid Director Isabelle Mora said.

“At Pierce College, we strive to help our students be successful both in and outside the classroom,” Mora said. “SALT was launched to give our students additional resources for money management and tips for borrowing wisely.”

SALT was first made available to students in fall quarter 2015, but it wasn’t widely promoted around the school despite plans to advertise during winter quarter. Mora said the reason was because it was considered a soft launch, meaning that it was released to a restricted group for experimental purposes before making it available to everyone else.

“It was important for us to familiarize ourselves with the program and to gather feedback from smaller groups of students prior to creating a campus-wide promotion,” Mora said.

Instead, it was initiated through the COLLG110 courses provided at Pierce, which are required classes meant to help students adjust to college life. During these sessions faculty members would give students a lecture on the importance of maintaining finances, as well as have them create SALT accounts and complete a few modules to help them get used to the program.

Since then, SALT has been made available to all students and faculty members. Mora said it’s been going well so far and hopes to expand on SALT by having professors use SALT modules as part of their classes and promote it more widely to students.

“We would like to continue to grow financial literacy programs for our students,” Mora said. “Our overall goal is to teach students the importance of borrowing responsibly, budgeting carefully and making payments on time.”

Students who are interested in trying SALT can access it by clicking the Financial Aid tab on Pierce’s home page and scrolling to the bottom of the page, where they’ll find a link to log in to SALT.

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Suzanne Buchholz

Gaining financial knowledge with a grain of SALT

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