Safety second: Pierce College needs cameras in parking lots

With the 50th Anniversary of Pierce College officially underway, many changes have occurred on campus, however one important feature is still missing from the school parking lots.

Colton Swanson, Online Reporter

When arriving anywhere, it’s human nature to feel a need for safety and comfort. While it is apparent that most people feel at ease at Pierce College, it may be a little known fact that there are actually no cameras in the parking lots.

The main entrance and the West Access Road entrance are monitored by security cameras, but the parking lots are missing such technology. When safety is a top priority, it seems a bit odd that one of the largest and most used areas of the campus remains in the dark.

This may come as a surprise to some people as it seems like an obvious place to have extra security with the constant use of the parking lots. Thousands of students come and go throughout the day and leave their cars to attend classes without the knowledge that if something were to happen, they’d have no way of knowing who, when and how it occurred. While it’s inadvisable to leave valuables in the car, it’s not always possible to take everything from a car to a classroom, especially if a student is just attending one or two classes that day. If someone was to break into a car and steal something of value, the student whose item was taken would have no way of being able to identify a suspect to the police because there would be no tapes for them to review. If an accident were to occur in the parking lot, there’d be no way to determine who was at fault if both parties claim that they were innocent because they’d again have no way to review it. It may put a few people on edge, knowing that they may be at risk of one of these situations due to a lack of cameras and that is something that should be fixed.

The question may arise as to why. Why are there no cameras in the parking lot? Why is the most concentrated and constant area of activity left out of the safety equation? There are security officers on campus. Why do they not fix the problem? As it turns out, the security office has no power over the situation. While the employees monitor the video feed on a large monitor in the office, the employees can’t install new security cameras on campus. It may sound bizarre, but it is actually the student’s responsibility to pull for the installation of cameras in the parking lot. If enough students banded together to fight for the cause and took it to the Office of Student Life, a change could be made.

The technology is funded in student fees paid to the college at the beginning of each quarter and there may not be an apparent need to cameras in the parking lot. Therefore, if the problem is not brought to the attention of the faculty, then it may not even cross their minds as something that needs to take precedent over other funded projects. Things would progress as they have been for years, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there have been instances in the past where, if there had been a way to actively monitor or record events in the parking lots, situations could have been resolved or at the very least cleared up for the people involved.  

Nobody is directly at fault for the lack of security in the parking lots, but it’s time for a change. The safety and peace of mind for Pierce College students both present and future should be taken into consideration and this begins with current students. Whether it begins with a petition, a letter or anything in between, the time is now to for students to step up and make safety come first once again.

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Colton Swanson

Safety second: Pierce College needs cameras in parking lots

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