Rough and tumble Rugby Club

Introducing The Rugby Club


Christina Crawford




Every Friday afternoon, the Raiders Rugby Club can be seen scrimmaging outside on the patch of grass between the library/science building and the College Center.

Led by president Mariah Garvert, the club almost has a complete men’s team, and is looking for more women to complete a women’s team.

“Once we get the team together, we’re going to be able to play against rugby clubs at other schools,” player Isaac Folitau said.

The initiative to start the club came about in an effort to create an established team for experienced rugby players as well as maintain an open field policy to newcomers and students interested in learning the sport.

“It’s a new sport a lot of people don’t know how to play. It’s very competitive, high energy (and) rough” Kellsey Bledsoe, one of the female players, said. “You only get a mouth guard; it’s a very full contact sport.”

Much progress has been made already, and they’re always looking for more players. If students who love football or soccer are looking for a sport to show off their tenacity, it’s a great fit.

The club varies in meeting times, and can be found playing on the grass on Fridays anywhere from noon to 4 p.m.

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Rough and tumble Rugby Club

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