Robert Downey Jr making animal noises in front of The Queen of England

A huge factor as to why I prefer 1984 over the first, is its ironically enjoyable parts. There were some seriously corny parts in that 2017 movie that were completely overlooked by not just the fans, but the creators. I also enjoyed that 1984 embraced more of its cartoonish campy side, especially in Wonder Woman’s first major action scene at the mall, which feels like homage to 70’s Superman and 2000’s Spider-Man. The film is silly, and I like its being complimented with its humour and simplistic characters.

That being said, the movie can also be strangely unaware of how campy it really is. As if the writers got amnesia and now they actually expect you to take this stupid story seriously. The DC writers except me to buy this really really dumb magic rock that makes no sense! Barbara Minerva is another awkward weirdo who admires our hero and Max Lord is a business man who is a fake and a pathetic loser. Both benefit from the magic rock and this turns them into crazy evil psychopaths. We have seen these type of villains in superhero movies before, yet this movie that seems aware of what it is, doesn’t know that tired cliché. Whatever at least Pedro Pascal’s Max Lord merging himself with the magic rock, so he become a power crazed looney tune, is very entertaining to watch.

There are also baffling funny things that happen in WW 1984, like the reason how Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor was able to return from the dead. He inhabits some guy’s body and Diana replaces his face with Chris Pine’s and presumably even people who never met Steve Trevor are seeing that same face! It’s weird that Max the wish lord can make walls, people and nuclear bombs appear from nothing, but Steve Trevor has to manifest onto some random dude, who probably has another life that he’s now missing. This is detail is what ruined all the Diana and Steve scenes! I couldn’t stop thinking that Diana is flirting with some guy she’s never met, but who thinks she looks like her long dead boyfriend. It’s like Robert Downey Jr making animal noises in front of The Queen of England and everyone thinking that’s normal all over again. There’s also Barbara bizarrely telling Max that she wishes to look like an extra from 2019’s Cats. Also in the finale where the whole world collectively agrees to denounce their wishes after hearing Wonder Woman’s awfully corny monologue about truth.

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Robert Downey Jr making animal noises in front of The Queen of England

by Katie Lane time to read: 2 min