Top three coffee shops within 30 minutes of Pierce College Puyallup

There are many local coffee roasters and cafes that Pierce College students can discover close to campus.

Carissa Wagner,  Online/Social Media Manager

People like coffee for different reasons. Some drink it to wake up in the morning, some have it as an occasional sweet treat and others are hard core, black coffee connoisseurs. Regardless of the reason for consumption, coffee shops continue to be the place to go to be in communion with others.

For decades, coffee shops have been the location of first dates, work meetings and where to go to have the once a year catch up conversation with a long lost friend.

Sadly, most people don’t know that there’s so much out there than chain coffee shops with the same burnt coffee that’s way over priced. Not only will that coffee be consistently bad, but patrons are also bound to the same boring decor, tables, and chairs that local chains provide.

As Pierce College students who reside near the Seattle Tacoma area, it’s vital to appreciate true coffee and live up to the Washingtonian stereotype. Here’s a narrowed list of all the independent coffee shops in the area to a top three list based on coffee quality and atmosphere, in no particular order.

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

This place is right up the alley for MacBook owning hipsters. As soon as patrons walk in the doors of the coffee aroma filled shop, they’ll immediately feel out of place or right at home depending on if they’re wearing large glasses and an oversized sweater or denim jacket. This place is magnet for local Tacoma hipsters, but also for coffee connoisseurs. Bluebeard Coffee roasts their own delicious coffee beans, while providing a large area for people to chill out on couches, or sit at a table and type away on their fancy Apple products.

This place can make a sick caramel macchiato, or any other sweet drink that masks the actual coffee flavor. Bluebeard is where to go to if an outfit is too cool for school, or if someone wants to enjoy a solid latte with a group of friends. This shop is on 6th Ave. in Tacoma.

Craft 19

This place serves both sweet and savory crepes. Craft 19 is a new, modern and classy cafe that is located right in the heart of downtown Sumner. Not only is their Almond Roca Mocha amazingly sweet and smooth, but drinking coffee surrounded by tons of unique antique shops is a girl’s dream. Craft 19 is the perfect place to try a fun latte, have a meal and chat with the friendly staff. This perfectly designed shop is on main street in Sumner.

Northern Pacific Coffee Company

This place is college student/Tumblr heaven. The vibes are unreal as one chills on a couch next to a giant old bookshelf and piano. Northern Pacific serves the tangy Olympia Coffee Roasters coffee, while also providing a large variety of loose leaf teas to choose from. Order the coffee to stay, and they’ll serve it in a one of a kind mug to make patrons feel right at home. Northern Pacific is where to go to do homework with a friend on a late night, while also being surrounded by local PLU students. This shop is always filled with all types of people in the area, which makes it a great place to enjoy an open mic event every Wednesday night. If coffee drinkers are looking to meet people from all walks of life, while enjoying killer coffee or tea in a college dorm-like venue then this is the place. This place on Garfield St. in Tacoma, right by PLU.

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters, Craft 19, and Northern Pacific Coffee Company are just three of many one of a kind coffee shops that are within 30 minutes of Pierce. So please, set that basic white girl Starbucks drink down and get some authentic coffee in a great atmosphere with some friends.

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Carissa Wagner

Top three coffee shops within 30 minutes of Pierce College Puyallup

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