Retailers begin seasonal hiring

Retailers will be increasing the number of employees they hire.


Joe Dennis


With the holidays approaching at break-neck speeds, retailers are beginning to release the figures for how many seasonal employees they plan on hiring for Black Friday.

Retailers such as Toys R Us, Macy’s and Target are planning on hiring around 50,000 seasonal employees; an increase from the number of seasonal employees hired last year.

Though some retailers, such as Target, have decreased the number of part time seasonal employees by about 2,000 in order to prepare for the decrease number of holiday shoppers that are more careful than ever when it comes to shopping for gifts.

What does this mean for students at Pierce College Puyallup looking for seasonal employment?

According the National Retail Federation about 700,000 people will be hired nationwide for seasonal job positions. Students looking for part time work should definitely start applying as soon as possible. They’ll be competing against many non-students.

“Seasonal jobs provides work for a while,” student Connor Johnson said, “and people can earn some money, which is more good than bad in this economy.” Inc. recently announced that they will be hiring more than 50,000 seasonal workers this year, unlike Target which is cutting their seasonal hires. Target is hiring 80,000-90,000, down from 92,000, last year since they are expecting falling sales. Sales are already down 4.2 percent this year.

Aside from the decrease and increase in hiring and holiday sales, what about full time employment? Students at Pierce have expressed their opinions on how even after the holidays they would still want to remain at the job.

“Holiday part-time jobs are good and all, but people looking for full time employment fall on hard times since it seems not many places are able to keep paying them after the holidays have passed,” student Rebekah Caris said.

Luckily though, many retailers plan on hiring a portion of seasonal employees for full time employment. Incidentally, this does not mean every retailer is planning on hiring holiday workers for full time positions. Don’t be afraid and ask about potential full time employment when applying.

“These seasonal jobs give me the opportunity as a student to find work and earn some money to help get by during fall quarter and even over winter break,” Pierce College student Brook Hawks said.

With seasonal positions filling up fast, students should start applying now.

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Retailers begin seasonal hiring

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