Resource center on campus gives extra support to veterans

Pierce College Fort Steilacoom is home to the college’s Veteran Resource Center, whose staff strive to provide resources to veteran students and the transitioning military. These resources can range from help with housing, textbook lending, offering workshops, and more.

While the VRC is located at Fort Steilacoom, veteran students from the Puyallup campus are encouraged to contact the Veterans Resource Manager, Timur Kuzu who splits his time between both campuses. He says if students call or email him, he can provide them with the same VRC resources as those who attend the Fort Steilacoom campus.

One of the many services the VRC provides is a textbook library. If veteran students cannot afford textbooks, the VRC can purchase the textbook and lend it to the student for the quarter. The textbook is turned back into the VRC once the quarter ends, where it will be added to the center’s textbook library for future veterans to use.

Kuzu said the VRC strives to help meet the student’s needs such as housing and relocation, help with their resume, interview skills, and food assistance.  

The VRC also provides computers, tutoring, and a study space for the students. He says it is a quiet place for them to come work and network with others.

Kuzu went on to state that approval to start a VRC on the Puyallup campus has been given, which would provide the same resources as the one on the Fort Steilacoom. He says he hopes it will be open in a quarter or two, however, there is no set timeline.

“I want to put an area where military and active duty veterans have a place where they can sit and talk to each other about their experiences in and out of service,” Kuzu said. “But also have a staff in the center to assist them with whatever resources they are looking for.”

Kuzu says a Veteran Coordinator will be visiting the Puyallup campus, another resource veteran students on the Puyallup campus can use, who can help the students.

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Resource center on campus gives extra support to veterans

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