Recent changes in the student constitution.

Big changes are being made to your student constitution.




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Student life leaders have made changes to the student constitution of Pierce College Puyallup, which are being applied this quarter.

Changes were made with the intention of benefiting all students and improving the experiences of students with positions in the student life office, officials said.

Major changes to the constitution include how student representative positions were selected and the number of student leadership positions.

In the past, elections were held for two student representative positions.

Sean Cooke, director of student life, says part of the reason these changes were made to the Puyallup campus was because, in the past, some positions would go uncontested, and there would be a low turnout of voters.

“When it came time to vote…they spent what I consider to be a lot of money on candy bars and other incentives to lure the people into the voting booths,” Cooke said, “and so it was democracy, but it was what I started to referring to as ‘candy bar democracy.’ So students and the student government were asked if they thought using ‘candy bar democracy’ was the best way to influence students to choose a candidate, and most disagreed with the tactic, saying it was unnecessary. That’s when the student government decided on purely selecting people for positions, because they believe it will be more beneficial to the student body.”

Most colleges in the state already have moved to selected boards of student government, which are influenced by previous members of the student government.

More colleges are moving to selecting student leaders through an application process instead of an election process.

Pierce College Puyallup was one of the first area schools to make this switch.

Another change in the constitution included adding more student leadership positions.

Students who have attended Pierce for several quarters have noticed a change in the way student life is interacting with the community. Some say the student leaders seem to be doing more activities than in the past.

“I notice that they have more events that pull people from the crowd in the commons to participate in games and events,” student Anastasia Poberezhnaya said.

Student leaders plan at least one event each week with the hopes of bringing students together.

Students can find the revised student constitution in the Office of Student Life, Room C210.

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Recent changes in the student constitution.

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