Joining the rat, mouse race

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With the recent news that Pierce College Puyallup is infested with mice and rats, an inside look at the animals attending the college was definitely necessary.

There are many technical differences between rats and mice. Rats are much bigger than mice (about three times the size). Mice are more social than rats and have hairy tails while rats don’t. Mice also scent mark, which is for their social hierarchy. Since rats have no social hierarchy, they don’t feel the need to pee on things as much.

The Fancy Mouse was the only kind of mouse PetSmart had for observing purposes. It’s a tiny creature with massive ears, strongly resembling Jerry from Tom and Jerry, only smaller and less cartoony.

The mice spent a lot of time twitch cleaning themselves, running their hands down their little noses. This action is unbearably cute, especially when coupled with their little squeaks. According to one PetSmart worker, mice are very clean, but their environment isn’t.

They are also vary active and spent the entire observation time climbing, digging and scurrying around.

These mice, however, aren’t the kind that’d be found in someone’s house or school. They’re similar, but have been bred to be “cuter,” with more solid colors. They’ve also received shots to protect against diseases.

“I’d get rid of them,” PetSmart employee Azure Williams said about the mice at Pierce. “Because if (there’s) a wild rat (or mouse), they can carry diseases. And in cafeterias, they can spread things, like the Bubonic plague.”

From experience observing a mouse inside of a pet store for 30 minutes, it seems clear that neither vermin are wanted. Even if they’re innocently enjoying our food and higher education, they’re still gross. Pierce is a place for human students, and Raiders- whatever those are. It’s not a place for rats or mice.

“As pets, they’re great,” Williams said, “but as wild, they carry a lot of diseases.”

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Joining the rat, mouse race

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