Ramero enjoys playing his guitar

Running Start student Anthony Ramero spends anywhere from one to four hours in the practice rooms each school day.

Running Start student Anthony Ramero spends anywhere from one to four hours in the practice rooms each school day. Though he says he would love to get in six hours of daily practice, he explained that his class schedule limits his time spent in the practice rooms.


Ramero is primarily a guitarist, but has recently begun to teach himself piano.


“I am a self-taught musician,” Ramero says. “It would be demeaning to take lessons.”


In his three and a half years of experience with music, his desire and interest in increasing his musical knowledge has grown. In his future endeavors, he hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree in guitar and eventually a doctorate in music theory.


With his future degrees, Ramero would love to teach guitar to prospective students and compose. He said ultimately he would love to perform in a band, but the likelihood of that dream becoming a reality is slim.


“I play by myself in the practice rooms, but one day I would like to perform in a group,” Ramero says.


He’s currently enrolled in the music theory program at Pierce, and is now in Music Theory Five. With this being his second year at Pierce, he plans to graduate next year and then transfer to UW Seattle.


Ramero is a self-taught musician who memorizes everything that he plays. He explains that his inspiration comes from his desire to be better than his friends. Other outside musical influences for Ramero include guitarist Steve Vai and Adam Jones.


In addition to his passion for music, Ramero also devotes his time to crocheting, knitting and writing poetry. He is also a cross-country runner and enjoys spending his free time volunteering in the community.


With music as his first priority, he makes sacrifices every day to ensure that he is able to devote time in the practice rooms. Every day he rides his bike 14 miles to and from school so he can further his education.


Though he said music at times takes away from his social life, he keeps music as a priority because it’s something that he’s passionate about.




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Ramero enjoys playing his guitar

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