Local vegan restaurant serves amazing food

Review of local vegan restaurant Quickie Too in Tacoma.

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About 20 minutes away from Pierce College Puyallup sits a vegan food haven. When someone enters this building, they’re met with warm, dry air and the sweet aroma of spices. Quickie Too is a tiny black-owned, and mostly black staffed, vegan restaurant in Tacoma. The walls are plastered in Bob Marley posters, as well as other black musicians, and artwork made by black artists. It gives off the feeling that the owners have invested lots of love and time into their business, which is also highly reflected in the food.

The first page of the menu is a list of main ingredients that are in most of the dishes with a description for each item. Tofu options are provided on the list such as Tempeh, which is a nutty, smooth textured type of tofu. Seitan is a high protein meat substitute made from gluten, quinoa and millet.

The rest of the menu includes a page for appetizers and “dranks,” burgers, wraps and burritos, TLTs (tofu, lettuce, tomato) and sandwiches, supper plates, desserts, brunch and options for children. Every page is jam-packed with mouth watering meals with every dish that a vegan, or anyone, could want. Warning: it may take someone 15 or more minutes to finally decide on a meal.

The dish that should be ordered first is the Mac and Yease, which is literally heaven served on a square plate. It’s a thick, cheesy comfort food that resembles the homemade macaroni and cheese from someone’s childhood, but with a mashed potato-esque texture. For the knowledgeable vegans and foodies, the “cheese” flavor is predominantly nutritional yeast with angel tears and other spices mixed in.

The menu offers hardy, fattening, greasy dishes as well as healthier, clean dishes.

The Crazy Jamaican Burger is a zesty spicy burger made with spiced tofu, caramelized sweet plantain, grilled sweet onions, tomatoes, potato salad and vegan mayonnaise. The strong Jamaican spices are balanced with a cool, creamy texture. While this delectable meal won’t leave the taste buds disappointed, it’s very filling and may leave someone feeling bloated.

For those who don’t consume dairy products, the Jalapeno Mozzarella Burger is a satisfying option. This gooey masterpiece is one to remember. The tofu is cooked “tofustrami” style and it’s combined with grilled onions and jalapenos, mozzarella style cheese and house picante salsa, all topped with vegan mayonnaise. The cheese substitute on this burger isn’t like any other. It tastes like the real deal with that gooey, oozy, melted goodness with a smokey taste that’s hard to recreate.

For somebody who really wants to wreck their digestive system with fattening, cheesy happiness on bread, the Smoky Mushroom Melt is the perfect choice. This hot sandwich includes sliced setien, smoked porcini mushrooms, grilled onions and melted mozzarella style cheese on a kaiser roll. The mushrooms and cheese combined to make a creamy, smoky filling with an added crunch from the onions. This dish is a heart attack on a roll but is well worth the consequences. For those who eat this, they may want to stay close to a bathroom after consuming it.

Most of the burgers and subs come with the option of fries which can be topped by with a spicy seasoning upon request.

For the more health-conscious customers, there are multiple wraps and salads that will make someone’s mouth water while keeping a significantly lower calorie and fat count than some of the other dishes.

The Jamaican Wrap is quite possibly the most flavorful wrap that’s ever existed. When biting into the wrap, every single ingredient can be tasted. It’s filled with spicy, thin sliced Jamaican style tofu, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, sweet spicy cole slaw, potato salad and vegan mayonnaise. The tofu and bread that contains the wrap is served hot with cold vegetables. There’s also a side of a healthy vegan chili served with this dish that’s equally delicious.

Another must-have at Quickie Too are the milkshakes, which are made with homemade vegan ice cream and soy milk. The available flavors are strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, coconut banana blast, Reese cup and Mexican chocolate. While each flavor is rich and tasty, the plain chocolate is life changing. The deep, chocolatey taste will penetrate someone’s soul and the heavens will open up to shine down on this masterpiece milkshake.

Quickie Too is an absolutely amazing restaurant with equally amazing customer service. The small staff of servers and chefs are kind and can make someone feel very welcome. Before going, be aware of the price range. This won’t be a cheap meal. Most items on the menu range between $8 and $14. However, keep in mind that everything is homemade with ingredients that aren’t cheap. Each dish will also be enough for two meals for those with smaller stomachs or one large meal for those who can eat more.

Absolutely everyone, vegan or otherwise, should try this restaurant. They won’t be left disappointed.

5 Star Rating

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Local vegan restaurant serves amazing food

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