Puyallup City Council reviews new parking garage plans for Puyallup Sounder Station

Proposed city council project abuts parking garage to enhance Puyallup Sounder Station

A public parking and access project has been proposed to the Puyallup City Council to modify the Puyallup Sounder Station at 131 West Main Avenue with a five-story parking garage.

This project has been appraised at $350,000.00 and will provide a number of changes to the surrounding area, including the streets and intersection near the 17,535 square foot location.  The project would provide a minimum of 676 total parking stalls, with the surface lot containing 165 of said stalls.

Austin Neilson, the government and community relations officer for Sound Transit, told the city council that the project is a necessary and long-anticipated addition to Sound Transit’s parking during the first public hearing of the project on July 7, 2020.

The property, now purchased by Sound Transit, was previously owned and used by the Fraternal Order of Eagles. 

A developer’s agreement has been documented and finalized between Sound Transit and the City of Puyallup, as of March 10, 2020. This multiple-part agreement was made under additional compensation by Sound Transit to provide for inflation of the total project cost.

Sound Transit has already covered $3,821,220.00 for the construction of improvements that’ll support the parking garage station, which will be owned by the City of Puyallup.

According to the city council agenda packet for the date of July 26, 2020, under a section titled Physical Land Characteristics, the proposed project won’t affect the current street pattern, circulation or public need. Furthermore, the right-of-way vacation area, an allotment of land subject to multiple street and development changes, isn’t going to be considered for future public use.

A number of the conditions of approval stated by the council include storm and sewer main lines disconnected, along with changes at the intersection of W. Main and 5th St SE. The sanitary sewer main and the stormwater main would need to be disconnected and removed or filled. 

The storm main would need to be disconnected at the eastern side of 3rd Ave NW, and the manhole near the 600 block. The storm main would be extended between the 600 block and 700 block of 3rd Ave NW to keep the system functioning.

Regarding the intersection of W. Main and 5th St SE, the turning radius requires maintenance–it would be increased to accommodate for the rerouted bus path of the Puyallup School District, according to the development conditions. These changes are expected to occur by Sound Transit sometime during the fall of 2020 and are required to begin the building process.

A number of other projects for Sound Transit have been halted due to the economic challenges involved with the Coronavirus pandemic, according to Neilson. Though the parking garage isn’t one of these projects, activity dates for the current and upcoming projects are subject to change due to Coronavirus complications.

According to Nielson, general construction can be expected to occur sometime during the fourth quarter of 2020, with the predicted time for an opening sometime in the year 2022. 

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Elissa Blankenship

Puyallup City Council reviews new parking garage plans for Puyallup Sounder Station

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