More than 70 students inducted into Phi Theta Kappa

Jared Leingang, Reporter

More than 70 new students were inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa honors society at Pierce College Puyallup on May 19.

More than 300 students became members of the honors society, but the induction was optional for new members. About 70 PTK students are from the Puyallup campus while about 270 are from either Fort Steilacoom or JBLM, or are students taking online classes.

The event was in conjunction with the Fort Steilacoom PTK club to help give ideas to the new adviser of the Fort Steilacoom PTK club, Katie Keen, on how to hold an induction event. Katy Olsen, adviser for the honors society at the Puyallup campus, said the Puyallup club is more active than the Fort Steilacoom one.

Students are invited to join PTK based on their grade point average, which must be at least a 3.5. Once students are accepted in the club their GPA may fall below 3.5, but it’s still recommended for students to keep their grades up.

“Phi Theta Kappa isn’t for everyone,” Olsen said. “Students thinking of joining should be sure it is something worthwhile to them.”

Benefits of joining PTK would be the scholarships that can be obtained. Olsen said the scholarships are an eye-catcher for students.

“Most people join because of the scholarship opportunities,” Olsen said. “ And some don’t want to be involved with the other activities and that’s totally fine, but some are super involved and those people would run for officers of the club and plan events. People can be as involved as they want to be.”

Certain schools give automatic scholarships to PTK members such as Pacific Lutheran University. Not all colleges give these automatic scholarships though. Students can apply for scholarships through the PTK website. These are competitive but can be more rewarding, Olsen said.

Some of the extra activities members can attend or help make possible are book drives, volunteering at the Puyallup Food Bank and even holding events like a food drive on Pi day. The more students who are willing to be active, the more events that can be planned.

To join PTK there’s also a one-time membership fee of $85, but some of the fee goes toward amenities for the students like graduation cards and tassels. PTK members receive custom tassels to wear at graduation.

PTK is one of the most recognized and largest honors societies for two-year colleges and being a part of the club can help students get recognized by other universities or even jobs.

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Jared Leingang

More than 70 students inducted into Phi Theta Kappa

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