Post staff’s pre-apocalyptic bucket list

With the fast-approaching end of the world in mind, the staff of The Puyallup Post thought it important to take a good hard look at our top priorities in the days following the apocalypse.

“I would probably want to eat a bunch of psychedelic mushrooms because I won’t need my brain to function after the apocalypse. Plus, I bet all of the fires and screaming will be such a trip on mushrooms. I’ll just be staring at the hell fire going, ‘Oooh, pretty colors!’” –Genevieve Huard, Co-editor

“We joked about this in the office, but I would like to eat human flesh. I’m a vegetarian so I don’t get to try any exotic meats and I’ve always been curious, how do we taste? What’s more exotic than what’s forbidden and if the world ends Dec. 21, 2012 I may get the chance.” –Griffin Silver, Reporter

“While in Louisiana visiting my Saints, I’d like to eat some Cajun food, like shrimp gumbo. I’d also like to eat at Pho the Best in Puyallup again because I promised the waitress I’d come back for some more pho.” –Jacob Bush, Reporter

“Of course we’ll probably never eat fast foods again for the rest of our lives. So I’ll take my family out for ice cream, doughnuts, sonic and sushi!” –Josefina Salazar, Photographer

“I plan to eat a variety of foods in each of the continents I visit. They always say you never know until you try, so I want to try a unique range of foods. From chocolate-filled croissants and a peppermint mocha on a Sunday morning—to homemade cannoli filled with ricotta, I want to try it all.” –Kristen Phillips, Reporter

“I would want my last meal to be a buffet of chocolate. Chocolate milkshakes, brownies, m&m’s, I could eat as much as I wanted without feeling guilty. The chocolate wouldn’t have time to make me fat since I’d be dead soon anyways.” –Sara Konu, Co-editor

“I would like to travel the whole world before the apocalypse. Just in case I don’t get to all of that, I do have a few that are of a higher priority. Greece, France, Italy, England and of course Hogwarts are at the top of the list.” –Tabitha Arnold, Reporter

“I want to try a filet mignon hotdog; yes they have such a thing. I would be interested to see if it tasted much better than a standard hotdog. Who wouldn’t want to eat the most expensive tube steak in the world?” –Zach Smith, Reporter

Places we’d go: “I have always wanted to go to Iceland. I feel like if there is anywhere that you would have any chance of survival, it would probably be in Iceland anyways because there will still be geothermic energy and the location is very protected.” –Genevieve Huard, Co-editor

“London, England, no doubt about it. Ever since I was little my mum has been fondly looking back at her memories from across the pond. She says if she could move anywhere it would be back to London and in my opinion, England by far, has the best music, with the underground Punk movement, The Stones, The Beatles and many more.” –Griffin Silver, Reporter

“There are several places I’d love to go before the apocalypse. I’d like to go to South America, Ireland, England, the Pacific Islands including Hawaii, the Middle East, Spain, Italy, Australia, India, China and Tibet. With a list this long I’m hoping the apocalypse doesn’t come for quite a while.” –Jacob Bush, Reporter

“I’d pull out an insane amount money through a loan and spend it all! I would love to travel to Spain, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia and stay in the nicest hotels. During the last few minutes I would like to be with my family and pray. I’d stay away from the church because it’ll be over crowded.” –Josefina Salazar, Photographer

“Before I die, I would like to travel and experience each continent. I especially want to see Athens, Jerusalem, London, Sydney, Paris, Venice, Vienna, Dublin, Florence and Rio de Janeiro.” –Kristen Phillips, Reporter

“Before the apocalypse, I want to go skydiving. Something about the idea of free-falling, even if it’s for just a few minutes, really excites me. Things that are dangerous are always fun, which is a big reason that I would also like to have a pet tiger.” –Tabitha Arnold, Reporter

“Before I die I want to visit the rugged landscape of Scotland. I would explore historical sights and experience the culture. I would visit the city where my great grandfather emigrated from, Glasgow. I would love to see Sterling Bridge, where William Wallace defeated the English calvary in the war for Scottish independence.” –Zach Smith, Reporter

“I would go hiking and surround myself in nature that’s been relatively untouched by humanity. The peacefulness of the forest would help calm me and I would be able to appreciate my last few moments on earth breathing clean, fresh air.” –Sara Konu, Co-editor

What we’d do: “I would probably kill all of the people who have done me wrong: slowly and painfully. Also, I would probably burn and loot stuff. If I wasn’t feeling violent then I would spend time with my mom and family.” –Genevieve Huard, Co-editor

“Vagabond. Live from experience to experience. Just live. Chris McCandless just with a different ending. Since materialistic items don’t make people happy, experiences do and looking back at those experiences will make you feel accomplished, then experiences seem to have the most value. Also being out there alone, relying on only yourself can be very empowering.” –Griffin Silver, Reporter

“Before the apocalypse I’d like to go to New Orleans to see my Saints and Drew Brees win big in the big easy. I lived in Alabama for nine years and have always enjoyed seeing them play on T.V. Now that Drew Brees has taken the Saints to the Super bowl, the Saints are at their greatest.” –Jacob Bush, Reporter

“I would try to keep a sense of normalcy because I wouldn’t want to be judged for my last few minutes of life by the man upstairs. I’d probably stay indoors and watch all the chaos from my living room window with my knife and gun at hand to protect my family.” –Josefina Salazar, Photographer

“I want to make a difference in as many lives as I can. There are so many needs in the world. So many people go through life each day, with a smile plastered on their face. As they go through the motions, no one ever stops to listen to their heartfelt sorrows that make them who they are. I want to listen to people and find out their story and what makes them who they are—before I judge or criticize. I would also love to go skydiving and summit a mountain.” –Kristen Phillips, Reporter

“In the time leading up to the worlds demise, I would do all of the things that I’ve wanted to do that society says isn’t okay. I would walk naked through the streets of Puyallup (with slippers on of course so that my feet don’t get cold), I would go to restaurants and eat without paying and I would drive a golf cart where ever I wanted to go. I would also run from the police since they would probably try to arrest me.” –Sara Konu, Co-editor

“I would really like to eat an elephant ear from the Puyallup Fair, everyone is always talking about them and I have yet to indulge in one! Also, I’m very experimental so for everywhere that I travel I would like to try out at least a few of their native foods.” –Tabitha Arnold, Reporter

“I want to play a live gig with my band and bust out a sweet solo. It would be pretty amazing to get cheered on by a crowd. It would definitely be a rush to just go to the gig and have a good time playing.” –Zach Smith, Reporter

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Post staff’s pre-apocalyptic bucket list

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