Pop open Nikki Poppen-Eagan’s books

Pierce College Puyallup’s Nikki Poppen-Eagan’s romance novels.


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Pierce College Puyallup is home to several published authors; each author’s success started off with just an idea.

Nikki Poppen-Eagan, a communications professor at Pierce College Puyallup, has a unique story when it comes to being a romantic fiction writer.

Her husband Scott Eagen, who is an English professor at Pierce College Puyallup, is her agent.

Poppen-Eagan said that she has always loved writing, but that she always had a hard time finishing her stories. Full-heartedly she said her husband influenced her to complete one of her stories thus beginning her writing career.

“He was the one that really pushed me to finish something,” Poppen-Eagan said.

Poppen-Eagan decided to attend a local writer’s conference called the Young Writers Conference at Tacoma Community College in 2003.

Poppen-Eagan said she got a chance to meet a few well-known authors like Kristen Hannah, who inspired her to go to New York for the Writers of America National Conference.

“It was fabulous. I learned a lot, met lots of people, and did a couple interviews with agents and editors. It was really great, and I learned at the end of that conference that you had to have an agent,” Poppen-Eagan said.

After she found an agent, Poppen-Eagan sold her first book. She has been with Harlequin Publishing since 2008 and has written 25 books for the company but has written a total of 30 books in her lifetime.

For a majority of her books, she goes under the name of Bronwyn Scott.

“I had to change my name because they told me my name wasn’t sexy enough,” Poppen-Eagan said.

When asked if she had any advice for aspiring writers, Poppen-Eagan said she has two pieces of advice to share.

She reflects on a time when she met The New York Times bestseller John Saul, who said a writer should do something every day for their writing, whether it’s actual writing, or even just talking to someone about it.

As for advice from Poppen Eagan herself, she said a writer should know what they want to write and the purpose of their writing.


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Pop open Nikki Poppen-Eagan’s books

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