People of Pierce: Keira Pryor

Grace Amsden, Editor-in-Chief

“I love the technical side and the acting side (of theater). I’ve done both. I’ve been in the light room. I’ve been in the sound room. I’ve done the makeup, I’ve done the hair, I’ve been acting on the stage. I love being a part of something huge that nobody really knows how much really goes into it and then it all comes together one night on stage into a huge, wonderful production. I’m very much an idea person when it comes to anything. I get a lot of my ideas from images I’ve seen (and) artwork of possible characters. From there, I build a world around the character that fits the character I want. I start small and work big on my world. Some authors start with a world and then they create characters to fit in that world. I fit my worlds around my characters, which I haven’t seen a lot of people do when they write.”  

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People of Pierce: Keira Pryor

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