Police name a person of interest

Shelly Beraza
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Puyallup Police identified a 22-year-old man as the person of interest in the substance scare on campus on Feb. 6.

The alleged suspect is Nicholas Solheim, who is 5-foot-11-inches tall and weighs 195 pounds, apparently at 9 a.m. drove into the college parking lot by the Library/Science Building and abandoned a black Honda Civic because he felt paranoid and like something was eating him.

According to police records, Solheim appeared dirty and under the influence of methamphetamines.

At 10:05 a.m. campus security found a note left on the dash of the car that said, “This car is a gift to the science department, inside is an organism that is found in substances or robotics. It is entered into the circulatory system this thing will crawl under the skin and occasionaly (sic) raise to the surface,” it continued to say in broken sentences:

“Examine closely!”;

“Also, in my clothes but i’m wearing them,”;

“Questions want a conversation,”;

“Cured with pure/chocolate nestle gibs,” and listed his phone number.

According to the Puyallup Police report; when Solheim was asked about the note left in the car, he said he saw the Brouillet Library and Science Building and started writing the note. Solheim said it was ‘jibber jabber’ and that he didn’t mean any threats. When asked about the statement on the note about substance under the skin; Solheim said he meant ‘wapping,’ which is shooting 80 percent meth and 20 percent water into one’s veins to get high.

By 10:13 a.m. the Puyallup Police Department was on the scene examining and setting up a perimeter.

At 4:15 p.m. Solheim was arrested near the Best Buy on Meridian street without incident. Police used  tips from family members of the suspect. Solheim told police that he had been awake for four days already.

The mysterious white powder found in the suspect’s car, which he said he left at a random place because he was feeling paranoid, happened to be baking soda Solheim’s grandmother had given him to cover up the smell in his car.

While it caused chaos on campus, Solheim, under the influence, pulled into the wrong place at the wrong time.

As of press time, the case has been sent to municipal court and Solheim has yet to be charged.

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Police name a person of interest

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