Piroshky restaraunt re-opens

After months of being closed for a move, the Russian Piroshky restaurant in Milton reopened Sept. 29.


Genevieve Huard
After months of being closed for a move, the Russian Piroshky restaurant in Milton reopened Sept. 29. It moved within the same block to a larger suite on Milton Way right next to Albertsons.
I was super excited to get my hands back on one of their delicious piroshkies after craving them for months. You truly can’t find any other amazing authentic piroshkies without going to Pike Place Market or by being adopted by a nice Russian babushka.
First, let me explain what a piroshky is: a piroshky can be fried or baked bread, which can be bread dough or flaky pastry dough, wrapped around a filling of meat or vegetables…and they’re delicious.
If you have ever heard of a piroshky, then it was probably at the Puyallup Fair and even then, you still have no idea what a real piroshky is. The real stuff, the good stuff, is not fried in a trailer at the fair, nor should it cost $7-8 per delicious filled roll of bread.
At Russian Piroshky, all of their piroshkies are less than $3.25. The generous portions mean that a piroshky could fill you up for lunch.
The piroshkies come filled with all different sorts of fillings, like salmon and cream cheese, spinach and feta, sauerkraut and bacon, Bavarian sausage, tuna, good old beef and cheese and many other varieties.
The store also sells small desserts for less than $1 and slices of cake for $2-3. My favorite small desert is called the Drunken Cherry. It is a golf ball sized rich, moist ball of cake with cherries baked into it. It’s the perfect end to a delicious meal.
Other goodies that you will find in the aisles of Russian Piroshky are Russian groceries like chocolates, tea, pickles and other treats. Bakers create fresh bread every day.
If you have never tried Russian food before and are wondering if you like it, then just ask yourself these three questions: Do you like bread? Do you like comfort food? Do you like yummy things?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I highly recommend visiting Russian Piroshky at 2800 Milton Way, Suite 1 in Milton. It’s only 8.2 miles away from Pierce College via Meridian Avenue.

I give it HHHHH

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Piroshky restaraunt re-opens

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