Pierce’s Peer Mentoring program no longer present

Peer mentoring falls by the wayside at Pierce



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Previously at Pierce College Puyallup, there was the Peer Mentoring Program aimed to assist students in succeeding in their education. However, as of this fall, the program no longer exists.

Originally, a large portion of the funding for the Peer Mentoring Program came from a grant named the Retention Program, which fell under AmeriCorps. This grant from the Washington Campus Compact allowed schools in Washington, Idaho and Oregon to have peer mentoring type programs.

According to the Retention Program website, the grant had a set system to assist students in learning.

“The Washington Campus Compact AmeriCorps Retention Project places AmeriCorps members at colleges and universities to implement exemplary mentoring initiatives. Using service-learning as a strategy, AmeriCorps Retention Project members recruit and train college student mentors to help reduce dropout rates of middle, high and post-secondary students.”

It was from this grant that the college obtained funding to hire two peer mentors; nevertheless, this year the Washington Campus Compact decided to discontinue funding for the Retention Program. Therefore, Pierce College no longer has the program.

It was after the Student and Activities Fee Budget Committee budgeted $32,000 for the peer mentoring program that this decision was shared with Pierce College. So, as a result the money had to go somewhere else.

“I submitted a request to the student council to allocate the $32,000 and feed it into the activity board to fund two new positions, and give them an event planning budget,” Director of the Office of Student Life Sean Cooke said. “This way the money still goes to students.”

In the end, while peer mentoring ended there’re now two new positions on the Student Activities Board that were created to help the students at Pierce College Puyallup.


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Pierce’s Peer Mentoring program no longer present

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