Pierce’s 21st century campaign in action

Who could have known that all the new features at Pierce College would cost over $1.5 million? The Pierce College Foundation knew.

Katie Ardmore

Editor in Chief

Who could have know that all the new features at Pierce College would cost more than $1.5 million? The Pierce College Foundation knew.

And foundation members are ecstatic to have finally met their 21st Century Learning Campaign goal of raising $1.5 million for renovating the district.

The Pierce College Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money Pierce College needs that doesn’t come from the state or from tuition.

Foundation members started the 21st Century Learning campaign in 2009, setting a goal to raise $1.5 million to fund equipment and programs needed at the Arts and Allied Health building at Pierce College Puyallup and the Rainier science and technology building at Fort Steilacoom.

“We knew how far the college could stretch the dollars from the state, but we had a long wishlist from faculty and staff that we knew we needed to look to the foundation for,” Vice President of Advancement Suzy Ames said. Ames is also the executive director of the foundation.

Overall, the foundation surpassed the goal and raised $1.69 million. In the Arts and Allied Health building, that money paid for the baby grand piano, drapery and acoustics for the theater and computers in music rooms for theory and production. The money will also go towards equipping the recording rooms.

In the nursing part of the building, the money covered three SIMs (simulated patients), a man, woman and baby, as well as other hands on nursing tools.

At Ft. Steilacoom, the money will go towards building a science dome. This room will hold up to 100 people and be housed by a dome-shaped ceiling. The ceiling will show 3D projected images for science students.

Weekend and evening shows will also be held there for elementary school student trips and for community members. But the science dome is an expensive project. The projector alone will cost about $150,000. That’s why the donations have been so important.

Many people donated for the campaign, including staff, administrators, community members, private organizations and even students.

Students unknowingly donated money through their tuition. Every quarter, S&A and technology fees are taken from students’ tuition. Student committees vote on what to do with that money. Last year the Puyallup campus committees decided to donate $45,000 to the campaign, and they donated $105,000 this year.

Overall, the Puyallup campus gave more than $200,000 for the AAH building through S&A and Technology fees.

“When the students made the decisions to donate to this campaign, it showed us that they valued innovative education and were willing to contribute to it,” Ames said.

Overall through fees, students donated 22 percent of the $1.5 million, and nearly half of that 22 percent came from Puyallup campus.

“Because we students were able to contribute 22 percent of the total amount raised by the foundation, There are endless opportunities for students to utilize the Arts and Allied Health building in ways that they would not otherwise be able to if we did not contribute the money,” ASPCP President Lauren Adler said.

Ames said the student donations were especially admirable because many students may graduate before some of these innovations come into effect.

“The money will be spent on many students coming after these students graduate,” she said. “They’re paying it forward, and that’s really admirable.”



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Pierce’s 21st century campaign in action

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