Pierce students among The Ongoing

With attention grabbing interludes and inspiring lyrics, The Ongoing is an alternative band comprised of four members. Two attend Pierce College.

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With attention grabbing interludes and inspiring lyrics, The Ongoing is an alternative band comprised of four members. Two attend Pierce College.

Pierce student Caleb Allison and his brother Jake Allison founded the band with their friend Andrew Slack, who also attends Pierce.

The three formed the band and began playing numerous shows before the addition of their fourth band member, Zac Bates.

With Jake Allison on guitar and lead vocals, Caleb Allison on drums and background vocals, Slack on bass and background vocals and Bates as lead guitarist, keyboard and vocals, The Ongoing incorporates an all-encompassing sound that utilizes a variety of instruments and voices.

Some have dubbed The Ongoing as having an indie or rock flavor, however they prefer to think of themselves as an alternative band.

“My goal is to get to the point where I can make a living doing what I love and to hopefully be able to branch out worldwide,” Jake Allison said.

As a band, they practice about once per week with the exception of when a show is approaching in which case they increase their practices.

With the interference of busy schedules and time conflicts, they wish they had the availability to practice more.

The Ongoing plays one to three shows per month.

Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie and The Killers are musical inspirations for The Ongoing as they embark on their musical journey and continue to get their name out.

Each of the band members contributes a unique role as they aim to maintain their distinctiveness while functioning together to create a beautiful tone.

Jake Allison is the primary composer for The Ongoing.

“The instrumental usually comes first and the words come after,” Allison said. “The words just come to you when the creative juices flow”.

Many months of writing, recording, mixing and producing eventually resulted in their first album entitled Infinity.

Their first album was recorded in a makeshift recording studio they created in their homes. After their successful release, they continued to advertise and give their band exposure.

The band members genuinely enjoy each others company and appreciate doing what they love the most.

“I hope to do it the rest of my life,” Slack said.

With the financial support of their parents and the consistent support of their fans, The Ongoing has made a name for themselves. Eventually, they hope to receive enough financial support to travel and tour in places like California.

As a band, they aspire to improve their stage presence during their live performances to provide visually entertaining and appealing shows.

Although The Ongoing is not a Christian band all of its members are Christians, which tends to influence the themes and basis of the lyrics. They believe it’s their calling to reach others through music.

They want their music to appeal to a variety of audiences, styles and ages and without restricting a certain musical taste or preference.

Through positive lyrics and moral messages, they strive to reach out to the community by doing something they love.

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Pierce students among The Ongoing

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