Pierce College Puyallup gets its own Snapchat filter

Amber GillilandSenior Reporter

Students Snapchatting on campus may have noticed a recent addition to their Snapchat filter selections; the Raider.

While on campus, students can now share their Pierce pride thanks to the Marketing and Communications department.

Marketing Specialist Madelyn Vander Poel spearheaded the project with the help of MARCOM Graphic Designer Amy Foster.  Poel came up with the idea for the Geofilter after seeing filters created by other schools.

“I thought it would be a fun thing for students to use when they’re on campus and maybe even inspire them to make their own Pierce College Geofilter,” she said.

Foster created the design and Vander Poel submitted it to Snapchat with the location outline for Pierce College.

In order to use the filter, students must have their location services turned on. Their phones will detect their location and Snapchat will include the Raider in their filter options.

Submitting the design was free and had to be within Snapchat’s submission guidelines. All graphics must be original and no logos are allowed, with an exception made for colleges. Geofilters must be a certain size, format and can’t be a photograph or hashtag.

Once these restrictions were met, Poel could submit the design.

It didn’t take long for Amy to design the geofilter, and the submission process on the website is user friendly, as it will walk you through the steps,” Poel said. “The longest part of the process was waiting for Snapchat to approve and activate our design, about 15 days.”

Vander Poel encourages students to submit their own designs for Pierce Geofilters.

“We would love to see some designs from the Pierce College community,” she said.

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Pierce College Puyallup gets its own Snapchat filter

by Amber Gilliland time to read: 1 min