Pierce puts portal login options on lockdown

Tyler McMahan


For MyPierce Portal, the option of logging in with Gmail has been removed and now students must use their SIDs and PINs to access MyPierce.

Before this change that went into effect April 20, all students had to do was login to their Google account and when they get into the login option, press the ‘OK’ button.

Students who have not logged in with their ID and PIN number since the first day of orientation, they could be a bit lost. The PIN, if one hasn’t changed it, is their birth date.

“If you’ve forgotten your Inquiry PIN, please visit the registration office on the campus where you attend classes.  You’ll need to present photo identification. Registration staff will retrieve or reset your Inquiry PIN for you, but student Inquiry PINs will not be given out over the phone or by email, or without photo identification,” an email from Pierce College to students read.

If someone has changed their PIN and now doesn’t remember it, going to the Registration Office could take away from classes or working a job, just to get a code. Having this information, once students get in, allows them to see when they are able to register for classes or look up grades.

“We encourage you to try logging in to MyPierce using the “Log in using your SID and Inquiry PIN” tab to ensure you know both your SID and Inquiry PIN,” the Pierce email read.

Another concern for this new login process is for online students that don’t have classes on campus. If these students have forgotten their information to get into MyPierce, they’re going to have to go to campus to retrieve this information, which may  cause an inconvenience since they don’t normally come to the campus.

Even though this change has come about without reasons, the staff sent frequent emails to students weeks before this change and continued to after these changes happened.

With this change, students are advised to gather the necessary information to log into the MyPierce Portal, if they were in the position of not knowing how to login and being able to see the information that is stored on the portal.


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Pierce puts portal login options on lockdown

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