Pierce president raises scholarship funds

Amber Gilliland
Special Assignments Reporter

Pierce College Puyallup President Marty Cavalluzzi recently started an email campaign to raise money for student scholarships.

On April 7, Cavalluzzi sent an email to all Pierce College Puyallup faculty.

The email provided information regarding the fees for having a gym membership at the campus Health Education Center. At the end of his email, Cavalluzzi said he usually receives only a small number of responses to his emails. He wondered how many people actually take the time to read them.

To test this, Cavalluzzi said that he’d donate $1 to the Pierce Foundation for every email response he received. The Pierce Foundation uses donation money to provide Pierce students with scholarships for tuition.

The email campaign spread among Pierce employees and soon, other faculty got involved in the challenge as well, offering to donate money to the foundation.

Nine additional employees donated, including Program Support Supervisor Kristen Beck,  Director of Marketing and Communications Brian Benedetti, Chancellor Michele Johnson, Vice President of Advancement Deidre Soileau, Dean of Student Success Agnes Steward and four anonymous donors.

“I turned it into a challenge for my tutors,” Beck said. “I emailed them all, and told them that for every tutor that emails Marty back, I will donate $1. Most tutors loved the idea of having their supervisor involved, because it made the challenge personal.”

Soileau said she wanted to get involved in the email campaign because it was a great cause.

“I see our students’ needs every day and am thrilled that Marty found a fun way to involve everyone in helping those who need help,” Soileau said.

On April 15, Cavalluzzi sent out another email to faculty saying that 189 employees responded to the initial email.

Cavalluzzi and the nine additional donors raised a total of  $1,387.90 for the scholarship foundation.

“I was at the Distinguished Alumni event and there was an anonymous donor that matched everyone’s donation of $100 or more, so I paid my ‘Marty money’ there so it automatically doubled my investment for a student,” Benedetti said. “Goes to show you never know how far your money will go to help someone.”

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Pierce president raises scholarship funds

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