Pierce plans to add compost bins

Troy Tooker

Senior Reporter

Vice President of Student Government Taylor Enns and Student Advocacy Senator Dillion Conner in the Office of Student Life are bringing compost bins to campus at the end of February.

They plan to bring three compost bins to Pierce College Puyallup, placing them in high traffic locations around campus, as well as a fourth larger bin for compost pickup. The purpose is to improve the sustainability of campus and reduce food waste.

“One of the schools core values is sustainability, and I don’t see a lot of that here,” said Enns.

She expects to see the compost bins on Feb. 28.

Before ordering the compost bins, Enns and Conner surveyed students through Canvas to ask their thoughts about compost bins. With 300 responses from the students, Enns and Conner felt that there was support for compost bins and created a proposal to add them to campus.

Enns and Conner plan to fund this initiative with money from the facilities budget and believe that compost service could save the campus money. Student government leaders plan to pay for initial startup costs and will replace one of each of the current trash cans. They also plan to replace bins in the Lancer kitchen with composting bins and liners. The cost of the project is broken into its different costs through a financials sheet, with the bins costing $15 each, the compostable liners between $70 to $90 and the pickup service costing $114.

This totals at $1,362 per month and is a little more than half of Pierce’s current monthly waste disposal cost of $2,055.25. Enns hopes this is a step toward the improvement of the college’s sustainability. She says students could support her and the student government with their plans of helping the college go greener. She mentioned that a clue focusing on sustainability and ecology would be useful.

“I really think that we have a team that is really passionate about this,” said Enns.

Students can also support the OSL by actively participating with the compost bins, as well as starting a conversation about what the college can do to better their impact on the environment.

Enns hopes to leave an impact on the college and a blueprint for future student government and OSL members to follow. She has dreams of a community garden, better recycling and a food forest, a self-sustaining type of community garden.

Enns met with campus President Darrell Cain on Feb. 4 to discuss and fully finish the preparations for the compost bins.

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Pierce plans to add compost bins

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