Pierce new applied bachelor’s degree started this fall

Troy Tooker

Senior Reporter

Pierce’s list of applied bachelor’s degree programs just got a little longer with the new bachelor’s degree in business management added this fall quarter. The new bachelor’s degree, technically called the Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Business Management, prepares graduates to have skills to be better business and organizational decision makers in human resources, marketing and finance.

Classes in the bachelor’s degree program teach students human resources skills, financial management, understanding of how business works and other aspects required to thrive in the careers students pursue.

“It’s really about helping employees of organizations be able to make better business decisions,” says Dr. Paul Gerhardt, professor in the business management department. “That includes being able to project sales, project needs of the company, employee needs, be more effective leaders, empower people and bring out their talents. It’s also about managing fairness and equity and hiring the right people,” he says.

Similar to other bachelor’s degree programs, business management is based on a full-time two-year cohort program, offering grounded, hybrid and online classes. The program has a required internship for completion of the program, which allows students the opportunity to make connections and gain experience, Gerhardt says. The program is typically for working adults who want to qualify for jobs that require at least a bachelor’s degree.

“It prepares graduates to have the skills and knowledge employers demand. They will be able to solve complicated problems in a world that is constantly changing,” said Miebeth Bustillo-Booth, applied business program coordinator.

The skills and knowledge gained from the BAS-ABM are highly transferable by design and will help students have the lifelong learning skills needed to remain relevant and competitive. Gerhardt and his co-workers pursued this bachelor’s program for a few years, hoping to add it to the list of bachelor’s degrees that Pierce currently offers. Each bachelor’s degree goes through a lengthy process of acceptance. Once Chancellor Michele Johnson approves a new program, the college’s Board of Trustees members, who are appointed by the governor, ultimately sign off on a new degree.

With a changing requirement for entry-level jobs, Gerhardt said the college needed a new bachelor’s in order to provide students what is necessary to obtain a job in today’s workforce. “Ultimately, it was the chancellor of the college. She and I had a conversation about six years ago over the possibility of a bachelor’s degree.

“She and I recognized that maybe this can be an international business program, but as we researched it, we realized that’s not what Pierce needs,” Gerhardt said.

Pierce offers four other applied bachelor’s degrees in professional technical areas. The areas include dental hygiene, homeland security emergency management, teaching, fire services, leadership and management.

The pathway can be found on the college’s website, along with the courses, requirements and prerequisites for joining.

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Pierce new applied bachelor’s degree started this fall

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