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After months of hiatus, Pierce College is bringing back their cheerleading program. After the last cheerleading coach resigned, the team was left without a leader. With no coach, it was effectively shut down. That is until Pierce hired a new coach for this school year, Camryn Reed. Camryn Reed is a student at Pierce College and is working to become a teacher. She’s pursuing a degree in family consumer sciences and education. She says that coaching will give her further teaching experience and is excited for the future. Reed was on the cheer team last season and kept in contact with people in the athletics department at Pierce.

When she heard he previous coach didn’t plan to continuing the following season, she stepped in. When she was officially hired as the new cheerleading coach, she knew exactly who to call to be her assistant coach: Taylor Lohman, a fellow cheerleader and student at Pierce studying information technology. Both women have expressed their passion for cheer and were cheerleaders in high school.

Lohman noted how her own high school cheer program in Florida was more about competition, but both Reed and Lohman say they want to make Pierce’s program more about lifting each other up, rather than tearing each other down. Both coaches have also made it clear that, as they’re trying to build up a roster, anyone is allowed to try out, previous experience or not. Running Start students are allowed to try out as well.

“I really want Puyallup campus to know that they can try out for the cheer team as well. Everything is still based at Fort Steilacoom, but there’s basketball players that go to the Puyallup campus that come here to play for the basketball team,“ said Reed.

Like any other sport, cheerleading is a commitment, and these new coaches understand how busy life can get. Practices are estimated to be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and once they have enough members on the team, they’re going to work with their members to schedule a steady meeting time that works with the cheerleader’s schedules.

“During the time that I cheered here, I had three jobs. I was still able to work, go to school and do cheer, so I was constantly busy, busy, busy, but I still found time for cheer,” said Reed.

Both coaches are going to be working other jobs and balancing school. They want others to know that it’s possible to keep a balance in your life even when you have commitments to things.

“I think a lot of people think that when you’re a part of a sports team, it has to take up all of your time. They don’t really expect you to be excelling in other things than that,” said Lohman.

Both women are very supportive of each other and plan on leading this year’s cheer team as a united front.

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Pierce hires new cheer coaches

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