The three PierceCast hosts from left to right: Niki Erickson, Tony Grace and Joey Adams. (Photo Courtesy of Pierce College Marketing and Communication)

Pierce College’s new podcast, PierceCast, highlights college with voices from faculty and community members

The newly launched Pierce College podcast, PierceCast, features the voices of faculty members to show the work being done across the college community. PierceCast highlights campus resources and current news topics of relevance to students, staff and the local community. 

In February, Pierce College’s Marketing and Communications Department brainstormed ideas for a creative approach to discuss staff efforts and college information, settling on creating an official college podcast. 

“What better way to do it than through a podcast. Everybody is into podcasts and YouTube videos, social media and stuff. We wanted to explore that avenue and see if we can get a good, fun podcast going for the college, for everybody,” said Joey Adams, an information technology specialist at Pierce and one of the PierceCast hosts. 

According to Brian Benedetti, the MARCOM director at Pierce College, the main goal of the podcast is to share the work the college is doing in pursuit of the college mission of providing quality academic opportunities for a diverse community of students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

PierceCast published its first episode on March 31, introducing the three hosts: Adams, Niki Erickson and Tony Grace. Erickson is the administrative assistant of marketing and communications and strategic advancement, while Grace is the student success manager of eLearning at Pierce College. 

“We knew that the elements that we wanted to have in this podcast were us bringing our personalities and perspectives. Us highlighting the amazing individuals at Pierce that are doing the work as well as highlighting the students,” said Adams.

In addition to the three hosts, the marketing and communications department team is involved in the podcast’s production. According to Erickson, the process of creating an episode starts with brainstorming ideas, followed by contacting guests, recording via Zoom, editing and then publishing the episode.

Depending on the episode’s topic, one or two guests may be invited on or the hosts will discuss the topic among themselves. Among these guests, Andrew Pierce, the district veterans support services manager at Pierce College, has recently been on an episode. According to Benedetti, he can see inviting students as guest hosts for future episodes.

“We want to include everyone from within the college and outside of the college,” said Erickson. 

The PierceCast team has produced episodes touching on topics like Black History Month, celebrating Asian heritage, and military appreciation. During the coming weeks, PierceCast will highlight the graduation and job resources for students.

“With the remote set-up it makes it a little bit hard, but once we get back to campus, I think it’s gonna be a lot more opportunities to really do some fun stuff with the podcast,” said Adams. 

Currently, PierceCast is holding a “code word contest” where listeners can win a special PierceCast t-shirt. The codeword is revealed during episodes and the first five listeners to email PierceCast with the correct word at, will receive the prize. 

A new PierceCast episode is published every other week on Wednesday. To listen to PierceCast, check out Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcast and Red Circle.

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Pierce College’s new podcast, PierceCast, highlights college with voices from faculty and community members

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