Pierce College students are going to Kenya

Pierce College students are planning to travel internationally on a Kenya Study Tour.

The Kenya Study Tour, in partnership with the Pierce College Foundation, is raising funds for their trip to Africa. They are providing shoes to the people of Kenya, one of many countries facing financial issues.

“We want to see domestic students abroad, and sort of enhance their world view,” says International Homestay Coordinator Ashley Chambers.

Participants of the tour are given the opportunity to discover and connect with traditional African heritage in Kenya, as well as study sciences along the way. When asked about what it means for the college to take part in hosting these trips, Ashley Chambers replied that one of the visions of Pierce is to enhance both global and local communities through the value of different cultures.

“For a lot of them [students] they are science majors, and so they know that this is an experience of a lifetime,” says Chambers.

The experience shows community involvement on college applications, resumes and applications for future tours. Tours are led by faculty, and many of the students participating are struggling financially. Out of the $6,000 goal set by the students themselves, around $2,000 to $3,000 has been raised by various fundraisers so far.

Among other fundraisers for the Kenya group, there is a shoe drive led by a non-profit organization called Funds2Orgs. The total number of shoes donated so far is approximately 1,650 out of their 3,000 shoe goal by Nov. 15. The collection time was extended by one month, and all students are encouraged to donate a pair of shoes to support impoverish countries such as Kenya around the globe. Collection boxes can be found at the campuses of Pierce College, so don’t forget to bring shoes!

Another fundraiser for the tour was rescheduled to Nov. 9, there will be a private showing of Disney’s Computer-Generated Imagery remake of “The Lion King” in order to raise funds for the students participating in the Kenya tour. The showings will be at Pierce College Puyallup at 1 p.m. and Fort Steilacoom at 7 p.m. and all ages are welcome. There are a limited number of seats for each event and tickets can still be purchased, ranging from $12 to $55. For information on how to buy tickets, talk to Ashley Chambers. Donations and ticket money received will go to the funding for the 20 Pierce students attending the tour.

To join future Study Tour trips and read tour highlights, go to the Pierce College website. Simply search “Study Tour” in the website’s search bar to learn more about this year’s trips or upcoming tours. Future tours will be updated on the Pierce College website in case students missed the deadlines or were not selected.

Since the trip to Kenya was one of the highest attended tours for the students of Pierce College, there’s a possibility that it may happen again. The tours provide an opportunity to study animal sciences and learn the value of traditional culture through hands-on experience, much different than a lecture or textbook reading.


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Elissa Blankenship

Pierce College students are going to Kenya

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