Pierce College Office of Student Life hiring team is reviewing applications for fall 2020

Update on the Office of Student Life applications for fall quarter 2020.

Pierce College’s Office of Student Life has just finished taking in applications for the fall 2020 quarter.  

The application process opened on May 15 with 19 positions available to any Pierce College Puyallup student interested. The deadline for applying was May 31 and the Office of Student Life hiring team is currently reviewing the applications.  

“This year we got pretty lucky and received nineteen applications in, with some of them being from this current team,” said Rosalie Masterjohn, the Vice President of Clubs & Organizations.  

According to Masterjohn, the actual reviewing process with the hiring team takes around one and two weeks. However, between reviewing, interviewing and hiring, the entire process takes around two months.  

“We expect that we will have offered the applicants their positions by probably the first week in July,” said Masterjohn.  

If not all applicants get hired and there are still positions left, then OSL will open applications again.  

There are two types of applications OSL will take: regular or targeted. Targeted means hiring ads that directly state how many positions are open and what type of position each is. Regular is just a standard ad calling for anyone who wants to join and doesn’t announce how many positions are needed.  

 If only a handful of positions are left to be filled, then the hiring team will utilize more targeted ads calling for the positions needed. If only half or less of the applicants are hired, then they’ll go with the regular hiring ads, similar to what was released in May.  

“It’s easier to get more applicants when the ads are less targeted and telling you exactly what we’re looking for,” said Masterjohn.  

For people who’ve applied, all interviews will be conducted via zoom to accommodate social distancing orders. Social distancing is also being taken into consideration when deciding job training times. Normally, training workshops start for employees during mid-July but the new date is still to be determined.  

According to Kelsie Nabass, interim director of the office of student life, the new date will most likely be toward the end of July or possibly August. Either way, training will still start online via zoom for employees, and Nabass is working to make it as effective as in person. 

“I’m actually working personally with my grad school program since I’m taking an online team building class right now,” said Nabass. “I’m going to incorporate some of the team-building aspects I’m learning right now into zoom.”  

She explained that as soon as OSL gets cleared to meet on campus, they’ll immediately resume training face-to-face. 

“(Training) is definitely going to have to start online in July or August in the meantime,” said Nabass.    


For hiring opportunity updates or anything else involving OSL, their website (https://www.pierce.ctc.edu/student-life-py) or their Instagram page (puy_osl) are the top sources. 

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Alexis Garcia

Pierce College Office of Student Life hiring team is reviewing applications for fall 2020

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