Pierce College offers hybrid classes for summer quarter 2020

More hybrid classes to be offered in the summer due to COVID-19.

Pierce College Puyallup will be offering hybrid classes this summer and fall quarter, in accordance with state reopening measures.

Aside from the addition of hybrid courses, more of the same is to be expected for the upcoming quarters for most students– online classes will be the sole offering and the campus will remain closed. The college is following governmental guidelines for reopening and, as of yet, the campus reopening date is unknown. However, the nursing program at the Puyallup campus has been meeting on campus for specific laboratory classes and the EMT program is scheduled to return to campus sometime this month.

Hybrid classes, as opposed to the online courses that were offered during spring quarter, require students in the class to meet online at a mandatory time. This comes as a response to a number of students wanting the option to enroll in hybrid classes. According to Matthew Campbell, vice president for learning and student success at the Pierce Puyallup campus, the hybrid classes will be offered to accommodate students who prefer the classroom experience but the option for online-only classes remains for those who prefer virtual.

“There is a challenge for requiring that [hybrid courses], it works for some students,” Campbell says, “for example, if you’re the only person in your household and you’ve got a computer and you can attend class on Tuesday at 10 o’clock, that works great. But if you have siblings, or a spouse, or kids, and you’re all competing for bandwidth and the use of that computer, then not every student can work with that.”

Students who prefer the online-only structure will continue to have online classes offered to them as an option. According to Campbell, the college originally went for online-only classes and discouraged hybrid classes because of difficulties some students would face with hybrid classes.

“Our direction was to really discourage the synchronous component [hybrid courses] because the problems that could arise for students in those classes.” Campbell continued, “But we’ve heard that certain students really value that time because they want to see people and connect with other human beings during a time when it’s difficult for them to do that.”

To students who would like to enroll in hybrid classes, the option to do so will be available during the summer and fall quarter registration.

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Matthew J. Walker

Pierce College offers hybrid classes for summer quarter 2020

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