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Pierce College Fortnite Tournament: fun in the midst of technical difficulties

Pierce College’s Office of Student Life invited Pierce College students to participate in a Fortnite Battle Royale tournament organized by Bravous Esports. The event took place on Feb. 3 and the top two winners were awarded a light-up gaming keyboard set.

The Bravous Esports website states that video games have a reputation for being an isolating and toxifying influence for children and that they aim to change this. Though the tournament did bring together Pierce students, some left dissatisfied citing poor organization.

“I honestly didn’t enjoy the game because of how unorganized it was, but I did like how we played duos games,” said Bhrugu Thakor, a competitor in the tournament.

Two players would compete against each other at a time, together they would join a match and try to get the most kills. If they tied, the longest living competitor wins while the other gets a second chance in a losers bracket.

The tournament’s moderator, who goes by Sinkrity on Discord, streamed and commentated the match on the BravousEsports Twitch channel.

Competitors were mixed when it came to ease of communication. Many people were set to compete but never showed, leaving players to wonder why their opponent wasn’t responding. 

“Most of my opponents were my friends so I found it very easy to communicate with my opponent. When I was against someone who wasn’t my friend, it was easy for me but I know for others, it wasn’t,” said the competition’s second-place winner, who goes by Zîppy on Discord.

The lack of communication led to a 40-minute delay at the start of the tournament, partly due to some misunderstandings of the rules. Sinkrity believed that a decent number of participants didn’t realize the game needed to be installed prior to the event.

“I did not think the way the tournament was run was fun, the rules weren’t very clear from the get-go and the premise wasn’t that good,” said Elijah O’Brien, another competitor.

Although some saw many issues with the tournament, there were still those who had fun and are excited if the event happens again.

“I had a lot of fun. I was able to invite friends that don’t go to the college and I actually matched up against two of them which was a lot of fun. We all play once in a while, so it was nice to compete against them. It was a nice change to how I play normally,” said the competition’s first-place winner, who goes by StOpMeIfYoUcAn20 on Discord.

While facing criticism, a common response was that if the event was put on again players would play again, preferring clearer organization next time.

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Nathaniel Moreland

Pierce College Fortnite Tournament: fun in the midst of technical difficulties

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