Pierce brings sexy back

Pierce is bringing the “sexy” back for sex education.

Lacey Longpre


Cookie decorating and sex education were offered at the Single, Safe and Sexy event on Feb. 13 in the College Center.

The Valentine’s Day-themed event was intended to be a festive way for students to bond and openly discuss sex in a positive light.

“If we treat it (sex) as negative, then people won’t be safe,” Associated Students of Pierce College Puyallup President Ethan Christensen said. “They should be educated about it.”

The first hour consisted of students decorating cookies with various colors of frosting and getting their photos taken with cutouts of animated characters.

Students were given red and pink bags with various goodies, Valentine’s Day cards and an encouraging note to those who are single.

The second hour started the sex discussion led by Status Causey, sex educator and sales associate from Babeland, a Seattle sex toy shop. Causey’s discussion focused on demonstrating sex to be an act that can be enjoyed and shouldn’t be judged negatively in society.

“It’s Babeland’s mission to promote sex positivity and sex education,” Causey said. “College students are the key to spreading that positivity.”

Highlights of Causey’s discussion included the significance of communicating sexual needs with a person’s partner, using various means of sex protection and learning to be open and not embarrassed about sex.

The lecture also emphasized the importance of asking questions concerning whether or not sex is something an individual is ready for.

“No need to pressure yourself into being what you aren’t authentically,” Causey said.

Pierce College Puyallup student Jarrett Stevens enjoyed the event.

“It was awesome. They should have more (events) like this,” Stevens said.

Some students who came to the event had a preconceived notion that they would enjoy it.

“It’s an opportunity for students to get to know their peers.” Kayla League, Pierce College Puyallup student, said.

Other students were positive coming in as well, but some said that activities at the event could’ve been changed.

“I think the cookie decorating could’ve been a little shorter,” Pierce College Puyallup student Miranda Howard said.

Office of Student Life Outreach Coordinator Kylie Wheeler and Wellness Coordinator Maria Rybalka worked together to plan the event. They hope to invite other speakers to Pierce to discuss health and safe sex.

“Our main goal is to educate college students; you get all your questions answered that you’re afraid to ask,” Wheeler said.

Causey’s final piece of advice for students at the conclusion of the event, whether single or in a relationship, is that sex should be appreciated during the moment of it. It’s not solely about climaxing to a point of pleasure.

“Sex is really great…wherever you are on your sexual journey, be there,” Causey said

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Pierce brings sexy back

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