Pierce Allies continue to mentor students

Looking at how Pierce Allies help students.



Robert McRill


Though they have changed their official name, formerly known as Peer Mentors, the newly proclaimed Pierce Allies continue to put the students needs first.

The Pierce Allies are second-year student mentors committed to offering students the resources needed to ensure academic success. The focus is on aiding students by attempting to alleviate any stressful or overwhelming factors, especially to those students who might be new to Pierce College.

The main goal behind the Pierce Allies is to ensure that all students experience a successful transition into the college life.

Mentors will answer any questions regarding registration, scholarships, financial aid, graduation and college transfers, as well as providing additional information about Pierce College’s campus.

They also will provide assistance for students seeking information regarding childcare resources, transportation to and from campus, textbook acquisition, etc. The Allies understand that students oftentimes need assistance when dealing with difficult areas of study and, though not true tutors; Allies can help those students improve study habits and overall comprehension of the course material.

Allies will do whatever it takes to aid those seeking assistance. They can work with students to develop strategies to succeed in all academic areas—study skills, time management, social interaction, communication and general organization.

Allies would also like to help students become more involved in local events, student clubs and organizations.

Pierce Allies make a difference in the lives of their peers every day by making the induction into college life easier.

Those looking to learn more or those interested in joining Pierce Allies can find more information in room C210 or at 253-864-3224.

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Pierce Allies continue to mentor students

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