Piano pedals being pilfered

Where have all the pedals gone?

Daniel Malgren


Students who use the practice rooms on the upper floor of the Arts and Allied Heath Building may notice the absence of the two electric pianos previously located in two of the practice rooms.

It was reported the piano sustain pedals had gone missing from the two electric instruments.

A sustain pedal on a standard piano is typically the rightmost pedal of the piano located at the bottom. When pressed with the foot the sound sustains all the damped strings within the piano by moving the dampers away from the strings, this allows the strings to vibrate freely.

The mechanism works for the electric piano, with the exception that the sound is sustained electronically rather than manually.

The first piano pedal went missing near the end of fall quarter.

Students had to keep trading the remaining piano pedal between the two instruments, which caused students some frustration.

Months later, in the beginning of spring quarter, the second pedal went missing. Following the report that the piano pedals had gone missing security officers removed the two instruments from the practice rooms.

The piano rooms were designed to offer direct support to the music program. The idea that one would steal campus equipment was not taken into consideration by administrators when the pianos were placed in the practice rooms,

“We talked about video cameras in (the AAH) and specifically for (the practice rooms),” said Chris MacKersie, Pierce College’s director of safety, “but due to a very tight construction budget, we would have had to cut out approximately 8,000 square feet from (the AHH) to include any video cameras.”

The direct consequence students now face with the loss of the two keyboards is that students have even less access to an already limited number of pianos.

Another result from this incident is the eventual stationing of a faculty member in the premise to watch the practice rooms at all times,

“This incident provided further validation that moving one of our program faculty into that area is a good idea,” MacKersie said.


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Piano pedals being pilfered

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