Phi Theta Kappa helps plan local community garden

A new community garden

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Community gardens are rather popular, according to the Pierce Conservation District, given that there are 55 community gardens in Pierce County. Pierce College Puyallup, thanks to the efforts of Alpha Psi Delta, is in the process of starting an on-campus community garden supported by students and faculty who volunteer their time towards the garden.

Anita Way, vice president of Alpha Psi Delta, the chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Pierce College Puyallup, helped shed some light on the advantages of a community garden.

The benefits of a community garden at Pierce College Puyallup are that it would provide a great stress reliever for those who choose to get involved and also give back to the community outside of the college.

The majority of the food grown and harvested in the garden will be donated to local food banks.

The produce will also be available for use by parts of the school such as the dining commons and daycare center. Pierce maintains its own garden for use by the children, and as a healthy sustainable food source for everyone who eats in the dining commons.

There aren’t any inherent drawbacks to the community garden, aside from perhaps cost and time required for maintenance. However, Alpha Psi Delta leaders plan to involve other groups and staff as well as the rest of the student population to lighten the load of maintaining the community garden.

The goals of the community garden project this quarter are organization. There are still a few meetings and planning sessions that need to take place to get the project going. According to Way, Alpha Psi Delta has a plan to move forward with preparing the land and getting things ready to plant in the spring. The community garden is set to open spring quarter.

Orientation for Phi Theta Kappa will be from 2-3 p.m. on Nov. 12 in the LSC room 128; the last day to join Alpha Psi Delta is Dec. 11. Alpha Psi Delta has definitely accomplished some of its goals.

The land for the garden was cleared and leveled over the summer. There’s a lot of red tape to get past with a project of this size, but Alpha Psi Delta leaders are confident in making it work.


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Phi Theta Kappa helps plan local community garden

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