Phase Five for Pierce College Puyallup

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Pierce College Puyallup has been in the process of adding another building to the campus by 2021.

It wasn’t long ago that Pierce College added their newest Arts and Allied Health building to the Puyallup campus, it was called Phase Four, but now people are working on a new building that they call Phase Five.

This building will be called the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics building. In theory, the building would be for a science. Jim Taylor, facilities director at Pierce College, says that they’re hoping to move everything science related away from the Brouillet Library/Science building and into the STEM building. This means the Brouillet Library/Science building will be renovated.

Phase Five isn’t official yet. Those in charge of the sketches and planning still have to propose plans in February and from there they’ll know if Phase Five has been approved. If the plan is approved by the state board, it’ll continue on into state legislature for further analysis.

“It’s only in its beginning stages,” Dr. Marty Cavalluzzi, president of Pierce College Puyallup, said.

The planning for Phase Five has been in process for the last 10 years. Little has been officially decided for the Phase Five plans, but so far they’ve decided that it would be located near the Brouillet Library/Science building where there’s plenty of open space.

Taylor says that adding a new building is a long process. Even if their plans are accepted and Phase Five becomes a reality, Taylor says that construction itself is anticipated to happen in 2019 and will hopefully be up and ready for use by 2021.

“We need more space to continue the learning environment,” Taylor said.

By adding this building to Pierce College Puyallup, there may be more opportunities to students to expand their education.

Cavalluzzi and Taylor both laughed, saying that it’s funny to be thinking so far ahead into the future, but it’s what needs to be done in order for changes to be made.

The sketch illustrates the general location of the STEM building and also the renovation of the Brouillet Library/Science building. The illustration is only a concept and doesn’t represent any final design decisions. If the request is approved by the state legislature in February 2013, the design process will begin in 2015.

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Phase Five for Pierce College Puyallup

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