Payment options at Pierce

The many different ways to pay for school at Pierce.

Shelly Beraza


Paying for college can be scary for most students that are inexperienced with the system, but plenty of options are out there.

Pierce offers students two payment options besides financial aid. The first option is to pay the tuition in full by the date that tuition is due for the specific quarter. The second is a tuition installment plan.

Making a payment in full can be done online, over the phone or in person. Credit and debit cards are accepted online and are usually posted the next business day. There’s also an ePayment system for those paying with checks or trying to make a partial payment, but it usually takes a few days to post payment.

Students choosing to pay over the phone must know their student ID, have a debit or credit card and know the amount they would like to pay.

The tuition installment plan breaks the full tuition for the quarter into two or three parts depending on how much the specific tuition is.

There’s a $25 fee to enroll per quarter as well as a contract that must be completed before the first payment is made.

TIP applications can be found at the cashier office.

Fall quarter TIP enrollment begins Aug. 1, and the first installment is due Aug. 29, the second is due Sept. 30 and the final payment is due Oct. 31.

A late payment will result in a $30 fee added to the previous balance.

Loans are also available to students that need additional funds to pay for tuition, expenses or supplies during the school year.

Another option for students is financial aid. All a student has to do to apply is fill out the free FAFSA form and choose Pierce College under school selections.

It is automatically sent to the college for review, but it is always good to submit applications early because the number of students filling out the FAFSA has risen since last year.

“It’s this time of year when our Financial Aid staff wraps up with our 2013-2014 processing (closing out the year) in addition to processing financial aid for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year,” financial aid program manager Erlinda Cruz said. “This is a very challenging time. To date, we have received approximately 9,000 2014-2015 FAFSA applications and the number will continue to rise; however, we review only those students who have a completed file.”

New to students using financial aid is a required form called the Financial Aid Data Form. This can be found by going to the financial aid page on the Pierce College website and clicking on the link in the big pink box warning on the front page.

Completing financial aid forms in whole is a crucial part of the process including the new data form, verification documents, loan applications and more.

Students often get confused about when to apply for financial aid.

Pierce College is a header school, which means that the first quarter for 2014-2015 financial aid is summer quarter. The Pierce College financial aid website lists important dates for both financial aid and loans.

“These deadlines are a huge issue our office encounters quarterly, as we would like to award our students in a timely manner and process their financial file for the quarter they want to begin attending.” Cruz said. “For those students who did not meet the priority deadline for the quarter they plan to attend, we refer them to visit the cashiers’ department website and view payment options.”

Those payment options include the TIP.

“We encourage all students to familiarize and view the financial aid portal if the students need to inquire about their financial aid status,” Cruz said.

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Payment options at Pierce

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