Parking violators are stark raving mud

It appears that Pierce College likes cars that are green, but does not like those that are brown.

Starting this spring quarter the campus’s security officers plan on ticketing any cars that do not pass a white glove inspection.  The officers are to test the cleanliness of the outside of cars in the B lot near the newly built Arts and Allied Health building.

According to Maureen Erickson the B lot needs to be the cleanest of the lots for publicity and reputation.

“It’s where most of our photos are taken. Our last brochure looked pretty bad with the muddy cars, and we don’t want to have a school that can only be remembered for its dirty cars,” said Erickson

Other officers don’t share the enthusiasm for the tickets.

“Me and the other officers ideal is to only crack down on the real nasty ones,” said Rico Suave.

Students are outraged by the idea alone and are thinking about taking actions against the school once it is implemented.

“I love my mud! I find the dirt and mud on my redneck truck sexy. It adds…character, and I plan on keeping it that way,” said Billy Bob Biffle.

“I may not have an extremely dirty car but I don’t want a ticket for a moderate amount either,” said Charlotte Roseburg. “I’m coming to college for a degree not a lesson on how to maintain my belongings. If I get a ticket I do plan on bringing it to court.”





















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Parking violators are stark raving mud

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