Parking situation giving students a lot of hassle

When you drive on campus do you ever feel like you spend more time trying to find a parking space than you do in class? You drive up and down each and every aisle trying to find the perfect spot. But let’s just be real. Pierce College’s parking is bad.

I parked on campus a few weeks ago to drop off a paper in an office. I didn’t want to park all the way in the outer parking lot just to drop off that paper, so I parked in the employee parking lot for less than two minutes.

When I came back to my car, I found a cute pink piece of paper sitting under my windshield. Pierce College campus security officers issued me a ticket for $20 just for parking in the employee lot for two minutes.

I was so upset about this I brought the issue to campus security officers.

I don’t mean any disrespect by this but at times I feel there are way too many employee and handicap parking spaces. There are about two to three spaces for one handicap person and faculty member. Yet thousands of students on campus don’t qualify for either of these categories.

Most students say they can’t find good parking spaces either. The best time to find a space is early in the morning or late in the evening because the majority of students are on campus in the middle of the day.


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Parking situation giving students a lot of hassle

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