Parking has been stalled for some time

Parking is horrible. Odds are pretty good you already knew that. But did you know that it has been this way for some time now?

Matthew Powers

Contributing writer

Parking is horrible.

Odds are pretty good you already knew that. But did you know that it has been this way for some time now? As a student that has been attending this college since spring 2008, I can vouch for the fact that parking was bad back then and it just keeps getting worse every quarter.

So what’s the plan? How are we going to solve this? You paid your tuition. You bought your books. You filled up your gas tank. Now you would like a spot to actually leave your car on campus while you diligently go to your classes, right?

Well, it looks like you may have to end up paying even more in order to park on campus. A parking ticket.

According to Puyallup campus President Patrick Schmitt, students will continue to be ticketed for parking on the grassy areas on campus or on parts of the road.

“It is an illegal place to park, but it will continue. I would expect to be ticketed if I parked illegally. Students need to think ahead,” he said.

Think ahead, Mr. President? Let us talk about thinking ahead.

We have had this parking problem for quite some time. The statistics show that the number of students attending the Puyallup campus increases nearly every quarter.

Since that time we recently have expanded our facilities by adding two buildings—the Health Education Center and the Arts and Allied Health building but in neither case have we installed new parking lots to accommodate the increase in students and instructors that have risen alongside these additions.

Even as the state and federal governments were launching massive budget cuts to community colleges, we still entered into a new advertising campaign to attract even more students.

That’s right. Even as classes were cancelled because of budget cuts, we continued to advocate a policy that brings in even more students that our campus may not be able to support.

Parking is only the clearest symptom of our problems, Mr. President. And the fact that you advise students to think ahead when this campus has failed to do exactly that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Yes, the state is no longer funding the construction for more parking. Yes, we must all do our part to protect the environment by carpooling and taking public transit; sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.

Why are we so hypocritically on a crash course to bring in more students than our college can reasonably sustain? Why have we failed to think ahead, Mr. President?

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Parking has been stalled for some time

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